How do you keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement? The impact of technology on our world is increasing. And one of the best ways to keep up is to read from the lens of soldiers in the field. These books have everything from meticulously researched histories and biographies charting the rise and fall of global business empires to in-depth examinations of the origins of influential gadgets.

While you are admonished to take advantage of casinoroar casino, you can check out our compiled reading list for 2022 for CIOs and IT leaders looking to improve their tech skills or learn about the latest developments. Most of them are general public, so you can indulge without having specialized knowledge.

The Age of AI.

By Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher

This book is ideal for IT leaders looking for an AI roadmap for the present and future. One five-star reviewer stated, “This is one of the first books to outline the consequences of ignoring how AI has already entered our lives and will shape our futures. Big ideas and an invitation to take ownership of our historical sovereignty and recognize that history will no longer be shaped by our will but by a ‘partnership’ with AI. Hopefully, this will be viewed as a collaborative effort rather than a competition.”

Steve Jobs

By Walter Isaacson

This incredible biography, released just 19 days after Apple cofounder Steve Jobs’ death, takes a deep dive into his life and goes some way toward explaining his enduring legacy. Jobs chose Isaacson, who granted more than 40 interviews to his biographer but reportedly had no say in the final edit. However, Steve’s drive and ambition enabled him to successfully combine creative ideas with technological innovations and sell them to the general public.

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This is an approachable book that never becomes too technical. It deftly follows the rise of Apple and Pixar and the evolution of the Mac, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad. While it is flattering at times, Jobs’ ruthlessness is not sugar-coated, and anyone interested in the man should read this book.

Technology and Society, Second Edition

Edited by Deborah G. Johnson and Jameson M. Wetmore

Readers of this book will be able to study how people shape technology and how technology shapes people, with visions of the future ranging from technological utopias to cautionary tales.  According to Gary Lee, “Technologies infuse our lives because they are always filled with our values.”

This meticulously crafted collection helps readers to critically analyze relationships with technologies, recognizing them as having both technical and social content. What do you want your interactions with technologies to be like? What are the values? Which technologies are we talking about? Which categories of people patronise online gambling? Dive into this book to learn how you and your technology can get along better.

Genius Makers

Cade Metz

Genius Makers is a fascinating and entertaining look at how the modern field of artificial intelligence came to be. The book is filled with colorful anecdotes and behind-the-scenes details about the birth of deep learning, as informed by hundreds of exclusive interviews. In addition, it focuses on the people who ushered in today’s AI revolution, including Geoff Hinton, Demis Hassabis, Yann LeCun, Fei-Fei Li, Jeff Dean, and others.

This book is required for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and its origins.

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