Celebrities are managing their age and keeping themselves quite young. They are using plastic surgeries and also LED light therapies. The Age Calculator reveals that some of the actors have a much higher age as compared to their look and style. The Tamil actors also manage their ages by using different techniques. Birthday calculator age describes the Tamil actors who are also following the course of the international celebrities. The Age Calculator prescribes that Tamil heroes and heroines have a higher age as compared to their personalities. Most of the showbiz celebrities are maintaining the best of their diet and doing the proper training to manage their bodies.

The movie stars are quite conscious about their calorie intake, they are eating well in range, how much they can eat per day. This is the main reason they are able to maintain their body weight. When they even cross the 50’s, these actors look quite smart and handsome as compared to their age. The calculate age method provides their actual age, which looks quite high as compared to their body physiques. They are quite agile, due to their perfect eating and exercise habits. The makeup is also doing its own role in showing them less than their actual ages.

The age in months calculator revealed that most of these actors and actresses are in their mid 40’s and 50’s but they normally appear like they are in their mid 30’s. The make-up is also made to appear, 10 to 15 years less than their actual age. People do wonder how to calculate age, it can be easy to put forward a person’s date of birth. Then the Age Calculator would be perfectly able to calculate your age and even the days precisely remaining to a certain time.

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In this article, we are discussing 5 of the Tamil actors, who look younger than their actual age.

Atharva a Tamil actor:

Atharva is a Tamil actor, and you can say he is acting like a kid in Tamil movies, but his actual date of birth is 7 May 1989. He is around 32 years of age, when you check his age by the calculate age method, which is quite amazing as compared to the realized age on the Cinema screens, as he is doing the roles of teenage boys, due to his physique and style.

Ajit Kumar:

Ajit Kumar is another Tamil movie hero, and he is now 50 years of age. His date of birth is  1 May 1971, he is looking quite young as compared to his actual age. The Age Calculator, reveals, he is quite old as compared to the roles he is doing in the Tamil movies. The Tamil movie fans called him the ‘Thala’ of the Tamil movies. It is the name given to him. He entered the Telugu movies as a supporting actor with his own efforts. Now he is a famous actor in Tamil movies.


The Date of the birth of Arjun is 15 August 1962, when using the Age Calculator, you would find his age is around 60 years. In our books, it is quite a high age, but Arjun works as a hero, who has a maximum age of around 30 years. Arjun performed in the first movie, the Gentleman, it was a movie directed by the Tamil director Shanker. It was the first movie of Arjun’s life and was a great hit.

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Arun Vijay:

Arun Vijay is now 44 years of age, when we put his date of birth in the Age Calculator, his date of birth is now 19 November 1977. He is a professional bodybuilder and joined the Tamil movies due to his look and style. He performed the first Pongal, then he worked in Kuttram 23, it was a movie directed by the INdhar Kumar movies production.


Arya is also another handsome Tamil actor, and when we are using the Age Calculator, his date of birth is 12 December 1980. He is around 41 years old, but he is just looking like a teenage hero. He is working as the thrilling, chocolate boy, action roles in various Tamil movies. He is quite a thrilling actor and a handsome boy, but his physique is quite remarkable to follow for the youngsters.


The Age Calculator, reveals some of the movie stars are quite old as compared to their actual age. But they are maintaining the best of health by eating the best of the food and doing the exercises.

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