Every recreational activity must be relaxing and enjoyable. Shisha is a generational affair that has stuck around for many years. Many royal families and businessmen enjoyed hookah as a part of their gatherings and parties as an entertaining opportunity. At this age, it has taken an advanced form and is available in many resto-bars that serve it in several flavours. One can enjoy a fun evening doing shisha with friends for their pleasure. Since there is a lot of mystery around the history, importance, and benefits of shisha, here is a clear-cut view of it.

Origin of Shisha:

In simple words, shisha was invented in the 16th century to purify smoke through water. It originated in India and was used by classy upper-class individuals as a status symbol. It moved on to Persia and other cultures in the next century to be used by royals. It had become a work of art that craftsmen enjoyed creating.

It further moved to the Arab culture and spread vastly. People enjoyed shisha at meetings and social gatherings. Around this time, shisha cafes allowed the common public to join for shisha nights and events for an ethnic experience. The 20th and 21st centuries noticed the spread of shisha to the States and other areas where it gained popularity.

Benefits of Shisha:


Compared to regular smokes, shisha has a fresh smell and taste. One can get any flavour they prefer and add it to their hookah. It is available in exotic flavours apart from the regular ones. Flavours like paan, ambrosia, mint, and other such alternatives have gained recognition in most places. These flavours mask any distasteful components of the tobacco involved in the process and are preferred by many who do not smoke cigarettes. Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, it does not leave an aftertaste that may create nausea.

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Helps quit cigarettes:

Hookah smoking might help one quit regular nicotine products. Cigarettes destroy lungs daily and can affect health adversely. Shisha is a recreational activity, and one cannot do it often like a cigarette. The tobacco present in it is pure and free of any harmful elements. The water medium and filters make it better than cigarettes and give it an edge over other nicotine addictions.

Stress reduction:

Shisha is a great relaxing agent. It helps calm the mind and produces good thoughts. Many people enjoy it as a refreshing activity with their friends and partners. One can find shishas in many restaurants these days served with alcohol. The high lasts for about 45 minutes to one hour and is worth the expenditure. Most people prefer smoking it after work and on weekdays since it is a super relaxing and calming activity. Restaurants provide dim lighting and good music to accompany shisha smokers to enhance the feel.

Better teeth:

Unlike cigarettes, shisha has a positive effect on teeth. It prevents staining and yellowing. One can smoke without any worries about teeth weakening since the shisha pipe is shaped specifically to suck in the smoke directly. It goes deep inside the mouth and hardly touches the teeth. Direct contact can rot the teeth leading to chipping and yellowing. Adequate teeth maintenance can help rid any minor problems caused by shisha.

One can buy custom shishas for their homes beaded with precious stones and metals. They are very classy and beautiful to store as a showpiece item. Clean it often and maintain the insides for better inhalation and clean smoke. Clean the pipes and tubes thoroughly after every use. Ensure smoking shisha in regulated amounts and only use it for recreational purposes.

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