Chillum 101: A Complete Guide for Beginners

If you love smoking cannabis, you will need a smoking device. You have many options like a bong, chillum, hemp rolling paper, and portable vaporizer. However, many people prefer chillums over other smoking devices due to their amazing characteristics.

This complete guide for beginners will show how to use a chillum and also help you understand more about the chillum.

Understanding Chillum and Its History

Chillum is a tube-style smoking device used by humankind since the eighteenth century. There are historical records of chillum used by Native Americans and even by early European settlers. Smoking has been part of Native American culture, while Europeans’ reasons for smoking were social and recreational needs.

The chillums were made of clay and carved in stone in the past. As technology improved, new materials were introduced, like glass. Experts mention that glass chillums have several advantages over their adversaries like metal or wooden chillums. Here are a few advantages of glass chillums you should know

  • They Do Not Heat Like Chillum Made of Other Materials

Chillum users face one problem: the pipe can get hot after some time, making it difficult to hold and smoke cannabis. One advantage of glass chillums is they do not get hot like chillum made of other materials.

  • They Do Not Alter the Flavor

When your chillums are made of clay, metal, or wood, you will experience the flavor of these materials that some people do not like. However, in the case of glass chillums, there is no alteration of flavor, and the user can enjoy the cannabis smoke fully.

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How High Can You Get With Chillum?

The reason smokers prefer chillums over other devices is a unique experience. Though chillum has a basic design, the shape and size of the chillum have an immediate cooling effect on the smoke and allow a large quantity of smoke to accumulate, which gives smokers a kick. As a result, you can expect a harder hit and an enhanced cannabis smoking experience with glass chillum.

Now that you know how high you can get with a chillum, you should learn how to use a chillum. That includes packing it and holding it in the right way.

How to Pack a Chillum?

Packing a chillum can be difficult for beginners, but you will learn with practice. Since chillum is a straight pipe, you might wonder how to pack a chillum so that the cannabis flower does not fall while you are smoking. Here are some tips for packing a chillum

Experts recommend the use of an herb grinder to perfectly ground flowers. Put the bowl end of the chillum into the weed and twist. The twist motion will pack the cannabis flower into the bowl. With each twist, the cannabis flower is packed tightly.

You can add more cannabis if needed. Put chillum to lips, light, and pull. Inhale slowly and light again if needed.

How to Hold a Chillum?

There are many ways to hold a chillum, and every smoker has their own unique style of holding chillum with practice. However, most smokers follow the traditional way of holding a chillum. So here is how to hold it in a traditional way.

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Make a circle with your pointer finger and wrap it around your chillum. For support, you can use your thumb to hold your finger. Some smokers hold the chillum with a thumb and a pointer finger. You can also hold your chillum like a cigarette where the chillum is placed between your middle finger and pointer finger.

Now that you have enough knowledge about the chillum, you have all the information you need to buy yourself a beautiful glass chillum and enjoy a nice smoke session with your friends.

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