Instagram just like any other social media platform improves its performance and quality of service to improve user experience. Compared to when Instagram was launched and now, there have been tremendous improvements geared towards helping brands achieve more. 2022 is not different because it has come with its trends and improvements to make marketers achieve more. SocialWick is one of the reliable sites where these trends are analyzed to help brands gain more followers. Below are some of the 2022 trends that businesses must adapt to increase their social awareness on Instagram.

Link Stickers Are Growing in Popularity 

A year ago, brands were using the swipe-up feature to reveal links and information on their brand stories. Instagram heard about this on other social media platforms and as a result, they upgraded the feature to become more convenient, effective, and simple. Line stickers have become the new interactive method where followers just click the stickers and get redirected to where the real content is.  Initially, when these line stickers were being launched, people with 10000 followers were the only ones who could use these stickers. Things are different now because that rule was changed and now anyone can use these stickers.

Twitter Card Previews Are Now Becoming Common

Social media platforms have started to cooperate to help users get more exposure. No one would have thought that Twitter and Instagram could reach this far. Today if you share a link of your Instagram content on Twitter, there is a card review that showcases online. Such previews serve as attention grabbers to make your followers on Twitter click and be taken to the Instagram account. With this association, people should expect a more positive outcome in the near future. 

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Instagram Stories Are Expected to Last Longer 

Initially, stories were put to be at 15 seconds maximum. These were meant to just give viewers a hint of what the seller has in store. With some reviews and feedback from the users, Instagram has seen that it is best to ensure stories last up to 60 seconds to enhance the satisfaction of the viewers. This was because some brands or influencers used to share over ten stories to have their message understood by their followers. Influencers will therefore have more exposure to their brands or services through stories as compared to the past. Stories are now longer which means you don’t have to cut videos into short pieces. 

More Interaction is Expected 

Instagram has updated its platform to ensure like-minded brands and influencers easily meet. If you open an Instagram page, you will see a list of preferred brands and partners. This means you can easily contact these potential partners and brands to help one another grow socially and economically online. With this enhanced cooperation and association, you enjoy the best outcomes at all times getting more followers and more sales leads.


Instagram is enhancing its quality every year. As a marketer, it is important to know these trends so that you keep your brand exposure on top. Get more followers through genuine ways like SocialWick so that you advance quickly and use these trends to retain the followers.  

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