George Foreman and Choice Home Warranty share an unwavering dedication to homeowner satisfaction. Their shared commitment to an easy homeownership journey meets modern consumers’ need for security and reliability.

Choice Home Warranty provides comprehensive appliance and system coverage at an easy-to-understand price point without hidden fees, helping homeowners budget appropriately for repairs.


choice home warranty george foreman provides comprehensive home coverage at competitive pricing, making it accessible for most homeowners. Their vast network of experienced service providers and 24-hour customer support make their George Foreman plan even more desirable. It covers essential home systems and appliances such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans, garbage disposals and ductwork.

Choice Home Warranty has an easy online claims process that makes filing claims fast and painless – even on weekends and holidays! Plus they provide plans tailored specifically to each homeowner’s needs and budget.

Choice Home Warranty stands out from its competition by offering transparent pricing that allows customers to see exactly what their money will buy them. They cover repairs caused by normal wear and tear which helps save you money in the long run, along with comprehensive protections at reasonable premiums through a network of reliable service providers – making their George Foreman plan an invaluable investment.


George Foreman is an iconic boxer and entrepreneur who has found his niche in home protection industry. As brand ambassador for Choice Home Warranty, which offers comprehensive home warranty plans covering various systems and appliances in your house such as ceiling/exhaust fans, ductwork, garbage disposal etc, and 24/7 customer service to find you the ideal solution tailored specifically to you.

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Home warranties provide coverage against costly breakdowns caused by natural disasters; unlike homeowner’s insurance which primarily pays out for catastrophic damage. George Foreman and Choice Home Warranty’s partnership shows the strength and dependability of home warranty plans; both have built reputations as experts in their respective fields – CHW has an experienced network of repair technicians while Foreman has earned praise as an athlete and entrepreneur; all this contributes to a smooth customer experience for consumers.

24/7 Customer Service

An endorsement by an influential celebrity gives credibility and trustworthiness to a product or service, creating an opportunity for two brands to form partnerships that provide homeowners with peace of mind. George Foreman has given Choice Home Warranty the trust of millions.

Choice Home Warranty’s team is available 24 hours a day to respond to inquiries and assist customers in filing claims, providing efficient and reliable service while relieving stress associated with unexpected breakdowns. They take pride in having transparent policies so homeowners fully understand what coverage their plans offer.

Homeowners across the U.S. can trust Choice Home Warranty to safeguard their home systems and appliances. With both Basic Plans and Total Plans to cover essential household systems and appliances, this company stands out as an outstanding option with exceptional coverage and customer service – making them an excellent choice for any homeowner!

Experienced Technicians

When there is an issue in your home, simply contact Choice Home Warranty and one of their pre-screened contractors will come out. In addition to offering an industry-best 90-day parts and 30-day work guarantee.

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George Foreman praised our company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and open communication as key qualities that contribute to creating an outstanding home warranty experience for their clients.

Choice Home Warranty’s comprehensive plans and competitive rates make them a top pick among homeowners. In addition to their plans, they also provide various discounts and promotions; online chat service; helpful FAQs page; as well as an expert team to answer any queries that arise; plus they’ll even help select the right plan – both their Basic and Total plans cover most systems in your house as well as appliances!

By Allie