Besties wedding, toddler neighbour’s birthday, Christmas or thanksgiving; the first thing that comes to our minds are gifts. Everybody is excited about gifts; life is full of surprises and, gifts are treats. But if you choose the wrong gift, this can become a disaster.

And, in such situations, gift cards like Universal gift cards come to your rescue. Gift cards are prepaid cards similar to the uses of a debit card. The difference between a debit card and a gift is that, like debit cards, one cannot use gift cards at ATMs for cash withdrawals. And some gift cards are reloadable, while some are not. Meanwhile, in Australia, there is an expectation that the gift card industry could have a CAGR growth of 9.8% during 2021-2025.

With gift cards like Universal gift cards, you provide choices to the person you gift. Also, sending gift cards is cheaper than sending packages. These cards are also handy for entrepreneurs, as they can use this for consumer cash backs, sales incentives, corporate gifts and employee benefits. And a company provides the freedom to choose with these gift cards instead of giving uniform things to all employees. As such, one can use these cards to buy anything in stores or online. Meanwhile, during discount seasons, these are the best purchases ever made, and getting more from the money in the gift card is more fun.

Guidelines to Select the Perfect Gift Cards for All Occasions


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Stay focused on what the recipient likes or loves to buy or dine, and purchase a suitable gift card accordingly.

It’s Not a Coupon

Often, people are confused about how much money to add to the card. Remember, gift cards should serve the purpose of gifting, and they should not act as a coupon and let the recipient pay the rest of the amount. It does not mean one should go beyond their budget. In that case, think about their second favourite that would fit into your budget.


Make it convenient for the recipient to use the gift card. Gift cards to theatres, restaurants and stores should be easy as everybody visits these places at least once a month. And a person should be able to use it online or in stores too.


Make it look personalised since sometimes the recipient would think there is not much effort on your gift card. So, gift-wrap it with colourful gift paper and put a ribbon on it. One can also use small cute gift boxes to put these plastic cards. Or you can even use gift bags if you are going to gift a plastic card. You can even put gift cards into balloons to make it more fun. But, you should check that the card reaches on time or before their special day.

If you are gifting a virtual gift card through email or Facebook, add images or texts on how much you love the person. You can write poems or share a memory with them, as it will make them feel emotional and touchy.

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Avoid Restrictions

Now, most gift cards are valid for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. Although, check that there is no penalty fee for inactive cards for at least a year. And if you choose a gift card with any restrictions, make it a point to inform the recipient about it with a note.

Add Information

If the recipient is new to such gifting types, add internet links on how to activate the gift card or how it redeems. Also, add pieces of information on how to use the card safely.

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