Hair loss is a common problem and can affect both men and women of all ages. Hair loss is quite natural, but if it occurs in an unusual amount or at an unusual age, then you should look for a hair loss treatment. There are several natural remedies for hair loss available online  that can make your hair regain its original thickness

Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss afflicts both men and women of all ages. In women, it may be due to pregnancy, menopause, or certain medications. The main cause of male pattern baldness is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone, which is a hormone that causes hair loss in men. The presence of DHT causes hair to thin out and eventually fall out, causing baldness and hair loss.


The discovery of a natural remedy that is available online in Singapore is one of the best things to happen to hair loss sufferers in recent times. This is a product that is being used to treat hair loss and it is all natural, which means that it will not cause any side effects.


There are many supplements that claim to help control hair loss naturally. Some are clinically proven to work, including those containing vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, like biotin and omega-3.

Reasons For Hairfall

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, when you lose a lot of hair, it can be caused by a few different factors.  No matter what the cause, the best thing to do is to seek out a doctor or dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis. The other way is order dermatologist recommended hair loss shampoo available at Hebeloft, the best online store for hair care products in Singapore. But before that its important to know the exact reason for hairfall that includes:

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  • Heredity- Family history plays a significant role in hair loss. It is a substantial reason for hair loss that occurs as people age. Hair loss in men begins at the top and moves in an M-shaped manner down the forehead. On the other hand, women experience less hair loss since their hair falls out all over their heads, rendering it less apparent.


  • Other Causes- Extreme hair coloring, bleaching, heating devices, tight braiding, and hair-pulling are all causes of non-genetic hair loss.


  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions- Hair loss can be caused by hormonal imbalances and medical illnesses such as pregnancy, delivery, and thyroid difficulties. Medical conditions like alopecia areata cause patchy hair loss and scalp infections.


  • Medications- Side effects of anti depressant pills, can cause thinning of hair.


  • Stress- Taking a lot of stress can cause hair loss. Many people face hair loss after some months of physical or emotional shock.

How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

Numerous natural home remedies are available in Singapore, but selecting the most appropriate ones becomes challenging.  Since Korean products are gaining hype because of their proven benefits, Hebeloft brings you a Korean brand Hair Loss shampoo that are organic with no side effects.

Hair Loss Shampoo In Singapore

Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is among the  most natural remedy that anyone can use to keep your hair healthy. An excellent Korean shampoo for your hair fall problems cleans your scalp and hair while also providing nutrients to maintain your hair shine and health. The key to succesful remedy is picking the right shampoo according to the hair quality and texture.  Let’s look at the range of Hair loss shampoo available online in Singapore.

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#1 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and are looking for an anti-hair loss shampoo, you’re in luck. The market is currently saturated with a ton of options that will help you to regrow your hair and to stop it from thinning.

Lingzhi infused Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo strengthens weak hair from the roots, enhances hair health, and gives hair resistance.

Also natural ingredients like black vinegar is beneficial for antifungal, and antiviral treatment. Try shampoo with Centella, which stimulates hair follicles and aids in the healing wounds induced by stress-related hair loss.

Using both shampoo and therapy for weak hair  reduces hair loss symptoms by 75%.

Avoid shampoo that  contain chemicals such as sulfate, silicon, or paraben.

#2 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo For Damaged Hair

This anti-hair loss shampoo for damaged hair  includes natural ingredients like red ginseng, wildfordi root to help nourish the hair and prevent breakage. It helps to strengthen the hair while also preventing dandruff and scalp irritation. This is a great shampoo that can be used daily without causing any damage.

Peppermint also helps open the blood arteries and enhance blood flow while enhancing the immune system.

Use shampoo with Sanghwang mushroom, houttuynia cordata, black vinegar to stop bacteria from multiplying and causing hair loss and restoring the lost luster of your hair.

#3 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo For Oily Scalp

If you have an oily scalp, the best anti-hair loss shampoo for you is one that contains natural ingredients that will tame your oils and keep your hair looking its best.

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The best anti-hair loss shampoo for oily scalp is one that contains all natural ingredients, including Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, and Pygeum Africanum. Oily scalp needs special shampoo that can treat the overproduction of sebum that causes your hair to become oily.

In addition to the ingredients above, shampoo for oily scalp  should also have vitamin B3. This ingredient promotes hair growth and removes dandruff, leaving your hair shiny and strong.

If you have oily hair, then you’ll likely want to avoid shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which is a detergent that makes your scalp produce more oil. Parabens can also cause a reaction in your scalp.


Hair loss is a problem that most men and women face. It is a natural process that happens with ageing. But there are also some factors like poor diet, stress, hormonal imbalance etc. that contribute towards this issue. There are many home remedies for hair loss that can help in fighting this problem.

There are some supplements prescribed by experts  that are known to stop premature hair loss and baldness, such as Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Zinc.

Hair loss Shampoo available at Hebeloft contains natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is completely safe for men and women all over the world. So, if you are thinking about treating your hair loss problem naturally, then you should definitely try  their shampoos.  If you want to order it, you can do it from their official website.

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