How to run Mobile Games on a PC?

As smartphone and tablet games become even more popular, have you ever wished you could play games on a PC? Not by taking your Android or iOS device to the local computer shop and fiddling with its connection, but by running native apps on a PC?


 The Question of How to run Mobile Games on a PC? is quite common. Traditionally, this was no problem at all, but in the last few years mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have improved dramatically, becoming more powerful and more user-friendly. With the hardware involved now becoming more powerful, could running Android or iOS games on a PC become viable?


There are currently two issues with running Android games on a PC, though. Firstly, the devices themselves. Android and iOS operate on their own mobile operating systems, meaning the users must install specialized versions of these on their phones or tablet. It’s complicated but important to understand, especially if you’re interested in buying games for your PC. Read more about Pixel 3 XL Office Wallpaper


Secondly, to run Android games on a PC you need to be running a specific version of the Android operating system. The Google Play Store version of Android runs on all Android devices and can therefore be used to download Android games. However, the Google Play Store version of Android is also available on many other platforms, such as Samsung Galaxy, Acer, Huawei, and many more. This also needs to be checked before you run games on a PC.


That said, the current state of play suggests that there’s no reason not to run Android games on a PC. Of course, you need a good PC to run them, but most modern PCs will do the job with ease. We’ll talk you through the process of running Android games on your PC, as well as give you the hardware you’ll need to run them. How to run Mobile Games on a PC?

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How to download games for Android?


If you’re considering building a PC, you’ll need to download and install several versions of Windows. The very first stage is usually to download and install Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.


The two most important updates you’ll want to download are Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. While they aren’t available for free, you can usually get them for free with a copy of Xbox Live Gold, or possibly a gift card. On top of this, you’ll also need the installation discs for your operating system.


You can download these from Microsoft’s website and the new Windows 10 downloads are available from here. You may have to restart your computer afterward.


You can also download the free games that come with Xbox One, as long as you’ve already signed up for the Xbox Live service.


Once all of these installations have been completed, you should have a shiny new PC. One question you might have is ‘do I need a card to install them?’. The short answer is no. However, you may want a free one if you’re running multiple graphics cards or are a gamer with a TV.


There are also other packages, including a slightly more advanced Elite Pack and the Media Creation Tool, which lets you download and install a virtual Windows machine on your PC. These may be useful if you’re creating a custom PC for example or are converting your existing gaming rig to run Windows 7.

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How to download games for Android?


The best way to install Android games on a PC is to download the Play Store version of the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store page. How to run Mobile Games on a PC?


On this page, you’ll find the games for your phone or tablet, as well as a link that says ‘install this app’, which will bring you to a page with all of the necessary settings and some neat little extras, such as extra support for keyboards and mice. These tools let you control your PC or Mac’s mouse and keyboard using your Android phone or tablet.


Some apps require you to sign into your Google account if you want to use these features.


Once you’ve found the app you want, you can sign in to your account, where you’ll be presented with a warning message about the permissions you need to give this app. As you’ll be installing the game on your PC, there’s no need to give it permission to access your microphone and camera.


It’s also a good idea to follow the ‘Settings’ page, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

I try to explain to you How to run Mobile Games on a PC?


On this page, you can enable some additional functionality, such as using your phone as a remote control or changing your phone’s privacy settings. Some of the available options include the ability to make your phone vibrate on your PC, or the ability to start a specific application on your phone and run it on your PC.

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While you’re on this page, you’ll need to give the app permission to install the updates. Otherwise, the PC version of the game will be incomplete when you’re done.


If you choose to install the app, the ‘Run’ button will then be greyed out for a few seconds, and then you’ll be brought to the game’s main screen, which you’ll need to select from. You’ll also have the option of entering the web address of the game, which you’ll need to enter into the address bar of your browser.


This will be required to play the game on your PC. Once the installation has finished, you’ll be able to download new updates from the Google Play Store, without having to worry about checking for updates in the background. Now, How to run Mobile Games on a PC? is not difficult for you.

Hope You know the answer Now: How to run Mobile Games on a PC?

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