MBA Sample projects on Tourism & Hospitality Management

What better way to learn about the MBA Sample projects on Tourism & Hospitality Management than through sample projects? Sample projects give you the chance to try out different techniques and see how they work in real life. They also allow you to see what is possible with a hospitality MBA. Here are the four samples from the sample projects on tourism and hospitality management.

The first sample project is about food and beverage management. You’ll be involved in creating a concept for a restaurant and then working with a consultant to create the business plan. The consultants can give you advice on all of the issues involved with the restaurant. You will then present your concepts and business plans to the consulting firm. You’ll need to show that you have a clear understanding of the hospitality industry, as well as good business sense and good planning skills.

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The second sample project is on the hotel front office. You’ll be responsible for the marketing of a hotel, as well as implementing and managing its marketing plan. This sample project will require you to be well versed in the hospitality industry and how it’s managed.

The third sample project is on the executive suite. You will manage a team of executives. This team will include hotel managers and office staff. This team will focus on developing and improving the guest experience at a particular hotel. You will be responsible for the commission, the budget, and the promotion of the hotel.

The fourth sample project is in the boardroom. This is the team that manages all of the hotels in the area. You will work in an environment where you will be making important decisions regarding hotel operations. This MBA course will give you an overview of what to expect when you are ready to enter this type of environment.

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The fifth project is on the front desk. This is an extremely important job. Your duty is to make sure that guests arrive and leave smoothly and without any complaints. In this sample project, you will work in a busy hotel and learn how to plan guestrooms, reservations, and sales.

The sixth project is on the front desk reception. As the manager of the front desk, you will be responsible for handling guest complaints, helping them identify rooms, and ordering paperwork. The MBA sample projects teach you how to read hotel forms and checklists and how to handle difficult customers.

The seventh project is on the hotel front office. Here you will be working closely with the guest relations section. This includes reservations and checking on room availability. This is a good project to complete because it gives you insight into the administrative side of running a hotel. These seven sample projects are excellent preparation for MBA graduates who want to start working in this field.

The first project is for a receptionist position in a fine dining or hotel management company. You will apply your knowledge about guest behavior, tables and chairs in a fine restaurant, and your familiarity with front office operations. The second sample involves a position as a general manager in a luxury hotel.

The third project is about managing a spa. In this sample, you will learn about scheduling appointments, reservations, and purchasing supplies at the spa. In this job, you will be interacting directly with the guest and receiving feedback from them. The fourth sample is about managing a hotel’s marketing campaign. This involves preparing letters, memos, and presentations for special events such as weddings, trade shows, and fundraisers.

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The fifth project is on marketing a cruise line. You will examine travel brochures, postcards, and advertising campaigns. The sixth sample is about training guest service staff. Your main task will be to train guest service staff to handle guests efficiently by acting timely and courteously.

If you have already taken an MBA course on Hospitality Management, you can use the sample projects to build your curriculum vitae. In addition, you will find that the sample assignments will give you a good idea of what the job entails, how much it costs and if it is right for you. While you are still in school, you might also want to take a few weeks off and do some consulting on hospitality issues.

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