As the top marketing executive at NBCUniversal, she oversaw its advertising strategy across television and digital properties as well as launched Peacock, their ad-supported streaming platform.

Now, as CEO of the volatile social-media platform previously known as Twitter, she faces questions over whether she can bring advertisers back. Some major marketers have already stopped their spending.


Behind every show on every screen exists an intricate economic infrastructure. Yaccarino, as an industry leader, understands this ecosystem, and has assembled a team that uses data analytics to connect brands with millions of viewers.

She played a critical role in NBCUniversal’s 2020 launch of its ad-supported streaming platform Peacock and helped create new methods of measuring advertising performance, while working toward an overhaul of their ad sales business.

Sources familiar with the situation say Yaccarino has made efforts to ease advertiser worries over negative content on Twitter since taking control of X Corp, and is focused on improving its ad products. She revived a “client council,” cut off by Musk, which will give advertising executives a voice when shaping its roadmap and product offering.

Sources have told Axios that many engineers and product teams within the company feel Yaccarino hasn’t made much of an impact since she took control of the business, prompting some high-level brand leaders to contact her in order to request her resignation.


Former Chairman of NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnerships Division. She earned her reputation by rallying her TV industry peers around contentious issues like archaic measurement systems. Running a multibillion dollar ad business proved that she possessed both the experience and knowhow to navigate an ever-evolving media landscape and forge strong relationships with marketers.

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linda yaccarino wiki faces an uphill struggle restoring advertiser trust; data shows that household-name brands such as State Farm and Coca-Cola have reduced spending on Twitter since Musk’s controversial takeover, due to concerns that increased free speech could expose their ads alongside offensive, illegal or harmful material.

Pop’N Creative’s Hall believes Yaccarino’s assurances that content would be reviewed and removed if appropriate should reassure many, while some remain uncertain due to her political leanings, links with organizations such as World Economic Forum (viewed as a haven for globalists by right-wing conspiracy theorists), and her appreciation of far-right groups such as Libs of TikTok and Catturd, among others.


Yaccarino has dedicated much of her career to revolutionizing NBCUniversal ad sales and connecting brands and audiences. Her efforts have earned her multiple honors including the New York Women in Communications Matrix Award and UJA Foundation Mac Dane Award, Forbes’ list of Top 10 Women in Media as well as recognition on Forbes’ “Top 10 Women in Media.” Additionally, Yaccarino is responsible for revamping their advertising strategy as well as leading Peacock, an ad-supported streaming service due to launch in 2020.

Yaccarino has made waves for her ad-tech innovations as well as leading efforts to advance brand safety and diversity in the workplace. Additionally, she has extensive experience working with advertisers and is a board member at University of Pennsylvania – making her an excellent candidate to bring back advertisers after its founder alienated many of them. Twitter needs advertisers after its founder alienated many advertisers – Musk aims to turn it into an “everything app”, and Yaccarino could help do just that by emphasizing business fundamentals.

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Yaccarino has spent her entire career building teams that can deliver high volumes of sales. Her vast knowledge of advertising allows her to leverage new data sources in order to drive growth.

She was an integral member of NBCUniversal, leading its advertising strategy overhaul and the launch of their ad-supported streaming service Peacock in 2020. Additionally, she worked to keep them competitive with major tech firms while forging partnerships with Meta and Google; according to her LinkedIn profile.

Yaccarino spoke of her early interest in television as a child and wanted to create the next Sesame Street, but when she got her internship at NBC Universal she quickly discovered it was the business side she enjoyed more. While at NBC she worked on initiatives to reduce commercials on shows such as Saturday Night Live while charging advertisers a premium fee to run advertisements during those programs.

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