Priyanka Bharali, a prominent personality in the Indian showbiz, has been forced to cancel her performance after allegations of financial irregularities were brought out against her by an influential public figure. Last updated on Jan 10, 2020, she had given a detailed explanation on Facebook on why she had been barred from Dibrugarh. Referring to the reports in the media about her being charged with financial mismanagement and corruption, she said that all that she had done was the result of a misunderstanding between her and the director of her production company. She maintained that she had always paid the monthly amount on time and had never faced any charges for this.

It is pertinent to highlight the fact that Prabhupada has banned independent artists who have not registered themselves with a Dance Commission and are not under the control of a Dancemaster. He has also barred performers whose names are derived from foreign languages other than Hindi and Telugu. There is however no rule that all such performers are banned. On the other hand, the eligibility criteria for such performers are not as strict in this case as compared to those laid down for the “Babusheik” or “Raksha Bandhan” shows.

The story revolves around the scandal that went viral on the Internet. This revolves around the performances of Priyanka Bharali and the actress Priyanka Chopra at the rehearsal for the film “Singh is King’s Park” with Sushmita Sen and Ranbir Kapoor. At the time of the performance, Bharali had replaced her right-hand partner Ashwinder Singh on the stage. The director cut his vocal cords just before the start of the show and Priyanka used her left hand to hold Ashwinder’s right hand. After the performance, the director called Ashwinder and asked him to come to the office immediately and informed him that he will not be permitted to perform again till a week later. The news of Ashwinder’s incident reached the newsroom of “I Love India” on the Internet before it reached the office of “I Love India” producer Sukhwinder Singh who called the shots of the entire incident from the set.

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This incident has brought about a fierce debate in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as the Government over the selection of Priyanka Bharali. The minister of state for arts and culture, Subodh Gupta, has filed a case of deprivation of services against the actor in the state of Maharashtra. Subodh has alleged that the actor did not submit proper credentials for the post of playback singer in the film.

Priyanka is currently undergoing therapy for alcoholism and is expected to complete a rehabilitation program in the next few days. There have been rumors that she might be eligible for the coveted golden jubilee honor of “I Love India” but the truth is that this is yet to be confirmed. With a golden jubilee prize in her sights, the actress may now opt for other lucrative acting awards such as the best actress award or the best performing Supporting Actress award at the upcoming Oscars.

Many political leaders, academicians, film critics, film actors, and actresses have come out in support of Priyanka. There is no doubt that Priyanka has made a significant contribution to the art of Indian cinema with her first leading role in a musical in 2005’s “Khoi Zalcia” but it seems that her contribution to the Indian musical industry goes much deeper. In the past few years, she has built a strong reputation as one of the most sought-after performers not only in India but all over the world. Her many accolades include the best actress award at the recent Mumbai Film Festival and the best-supporting actress award at the Sanjay Leela Bhaskar Awards. With so much happening in the world of cinema today, it is not surprising that a relatively young brother of a prominent personality is suddenly becoming a hot ticket item in Hollywood.

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There are certain things that must be kept in mind when Priyanka Bharali is mentioned. Firstly, her name is derived from the phrase pori meaning beautiful lady, or pori meaning beautiful girl. This is very common with Bhupen Hazari, the great-grandaughter of the former Raja Sawai Jai Singh, who plays the lead role in her film. Even her official website quotes Bhupen as saying, “There is not a single flaw in Priyanka. Her smile, her kindness, and her beauty are enough to warm our hearts.” This is certainly true and the young woman is already off to a great beginning.

The story of the film begins in 15 IRIS, where Priyanka is introduced and her father takes her to the local dance studio to teach her the art of tap dancing. She loves this class and is particularly excited to be taught by someone she looks up to. While learning the art of tap dancing, she meets a boy named Jayanta Karan who is an aspiring dancer who is also known as the ‘Indian Henry Lloyd.’ The two strikes up a friendship and Jayanta teaches Priyanka a great many numbers of dances that she can perform well in movies. Though there is hardly any dialogue in the movie, we do get a clear picture of how deep the love for each other runs.

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