A trademark is a form of intellectual property that can be recognized by sign, expression, and design that identifies or recognizes the product and services of a company from others. However, there are different types of trademarks that can be opted for by the business. However, it is necessary to know one by one to grab all the required information. To keep the rights of the services, a service Trademark is allotted; meanwhile, for product-related rights trademark is used. 

In both cases, the trademark owner is a business organization, legal entity, or individual. The trademark is located on the label, voucher, product, Or package. While in order to identify the corporate, the trademark is displayed on the top of the building. The recognized body legalizes the trademarks. The first activity related to trademark was released in the year 1266 by Henry III. 

In the past, it was mainly used by the bakers to differentiate the bread from the others. But in the modern world, the trademark law has a great establishment that every company requires.


Varieties Of Trademarks And Their Procedure

Of course, there are different types of trademarks that are available for the businessman to select. A businessman can select the trademark according to the nature of the business and their requirement. Trademark can be in the form of numeric logo tagline symbol name and many more. The company can also use a combination of symbols or logos together as a trademark. The ultimate decision is in the hand of the businessman and their requirements. 

Different reasons highlight the importance of a trademark. The imperative reason is to distinguish their product and services from other people or competitors. Infect, most business owners have the ideology of expanding their brand and making people aware of the marketing activities. However, the trademark also helps in global recognization.

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Two Types

  • Service Trademark

As it has already been mentioned above that, there is a type of trademark where you can reserve the rights of the services that you are providing to your customers. In this particular type, the business or individual takes the International Trademark for the services. Well, we all understand the nature of the services, which is intangible. Therefore, it even becomes vital for the business owner to preserve and protect the services from violation to protect intellectual property from stealing.

  • Product Trademark

Yet another and most popular type of trademark. In particular, the business owners and the companies decide to protect their products from the competitors. The market is becoming more intense day by day because of the growing popularity and customers’ need. Therefore, it becomes even more critical for every organization to preserve their products from any destruction and violation. For which it is highly recommended to take the international trademark services. 

After taking the certification for the product from the International Trademark office, none of your competitors will be allowed to take or use the same product for selling.

Benefits Of Taking International Trademark

There are numerous benefits that can be identified or highlighted at the time of taking the services.

  • A trademark is an identification symbol that helps every customer to quickly identify the product or company. For instance, it is effortless to identify the coffee of Starbucks. Due to this symbol or design. In the same way, it is very much easy for the customers to recognize the difference between Nike and Adidas shoes because of the symbol. It is right to say that trademark is the best source for a company to stand different from the competitor. 
  • Another reason or benefit that totally correlates with the above point is identifying the real and fake. It is elementary for every potential customer to purchase a genuine product and differentiate it from a fake item. The trademark helps in making a person realize the product and assist in avoiding confusion. It is essential for every company to have a trademark to attract more customers. 
  • Trademark is not only helpful for the customers to identify genuine and duplicate products, but it is also helpful for marketing. There are so many strategies that are developed by the business to attract real customers. Every time the business develops unique ideas and creates products, it is necessary to have brand awareness. The visibility of the company and the product immediately increases if the product has a trademark. Trademarks make it very easy for people to understand the belongingness of the product to which brand.Read more – How to check TDS [2022 Guide]
  • In order to register with an International Trademark, the company has to follow a simple procedure. Like every other process, the company is required to fill the application form. After successfully filling the application form, the individual or company is asked to submit it to the official website or office. Like every other, there is a nominal fee that is required to be paid by the company for the legal proceeding. 
  • After that, you will be provided with the trademark you can use, and if in any case you find it difficult or cheating, you can report the same. You can also take the benefit of marketing and advertising your journal trademark. Mark is applicable for ten years, after which the company or individual is required to renew it for another ten years. You can also figure out or identify the company or person who provides assistance with filing the application. 
  • This will help you to reduce the cost and save your time invested in submitting the application. The international trademark has a limited period, and after a specific interval, the requirement of revenue will is generated. It is necessary that the company take the vital step in renewing the trademark for the following years.
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To conclude, this was the complete procedure of registering for the trademark. The process is relatively straightforward and does not require any complicated steps to follow. The renewal of the trademark totally depends upon the nature of the business and the idea. It also depends upon the business owner whether he wants to renew the trademark.

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