Blockchain technology is one of the waves sweeping the world of technology by automating procedures, eliminating unnecessary parties, and creating a secure ledger on which people create, distribute, and do a whole lot, especially in Fintech.

What is also becoming popular is crypto gaming with so many gamers trying out blockchain-based games. The thrill of crypto gaming ranges from the many rewards the game has to offer, the close-knit community of gamers it makes you a part of and the fact that everyone is competing to become the best in this relatively new niche of gaming.

As it is, gamers are also trying to understand the hoops and loops of crypto gaming, it is not as easy as big win online casino you know? If you ask me, understanding the rules of engagement in crypto gaming is the best chess move because it helps you make informed decisions in a gaming world that is saturated, full of risks, and evolving.

Below are risks you should watch out for as a newbie and pro gamer.

Compliance risk

Pay attention to games that require you to provide personal information like name and address or payment details. This is because some of these games have laws and regulations that require this information. Nevertheless, when complying with these regulations, make sure your information is subject to data protection and secure data sharing. Also, ensure that you comply with financial policies.

Market saturation

Crypto gaming may be relatively novel but is gaining recognition at a rapid rate. Fast enough to create competition among game creators. So, it is possible to create a game and experience a decline in players because a new game is taking players’ attention. You can not fight against new crypto games coming up because crypto games are here to stay but in an evolving state. So, your best bet is to create updates and make them available to players frequently. Also, some of these updates should be improvements in the reviews your players are giving. It gives players a sense of being heard and feeling part of your gaming community.

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Investment in unsecure platforms

Blockchain technology has well-developed structures that have been used to create solutions but technology and by extension, crypto gaming is not static as its creation is still being stretched to find solutions and many people are dabbling into it. So, therefore, unsecured platforms are bound to flood the crypto gaming market. Before you invest, be sure of the security of the platform and don’t lose your investment to platforms with technical glitches or fraudulent intent.


The thing about innovation is that it can be used for both positive and negative impacts. That is why the more these innovations blue your mind about how easily you can get things done, the more susceptible you are to scams and phishing. These scams are created to target your innovation-curious mind and therefore easy to catch your attention. You must be on the lookout for emails promising unrealistic rewards or requesting the transfer of funds or Ethereum tokens. Meanwhile, the site’s real money slots online are safe and secure.

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