Smart Locks

Locks with Electronic Codes

Electronic and smart locks have grown more popular among the Airbnb host community. Bypassing physical keys altogether and replacing your deadbolt with an electronic lockbox that unlocks by a punch-in code or wireless signal may be more expensive than a manual lockbox, but it offers several advantages.

Apart from providing hosts with the ability to control and modify access to their homes, electronic or smart locks eliminate possible issues such as lost keys and forgotten passcodes.

Although installing an electronic smart lock often takes just a screwdriver, it may take some time (about 30 to 45 minutes) to change your door handle and set up a password.

The majority of models allow for the programming of several user codes, which simplifies the process of creating and deleting unique codes for your visitors.

Typically, electronic door locks are battery-operated, with around 2-3 years of battery life.

Smart Locks for Airbnb Vacation Rental Properties

Smart lock devices prevent the need for a code-based system in favor of an electronic system that unlocks when a wireless signal from an approved smartphone is received. Smart locks are available in a variety of designs and types. While some variants, like a code lock, totally replace the door handle and bolt, others are put just above the handle. They all have in common that they all use an electronic system that enables you to regulate who is permitted to enter the door at any one moment remotely. As a vacation rental owner, this makes it easy to implement self-check-in which only helps to free up your time!

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How Intelligent Are Smart Locks?

The majority of devices enable you to offer other phones wirelessly by sending them a digital keycode. Additionally, they let you specify a duration for the access. Thus, if a visitor is arriving for precisely one week, you may restrict their ability to open the door to the period of their stay. Additionally, smart locks will notify you when one of your authorized phones unlocks the door, enabling you to keep a constant eye on who is in your rental.

Keep in mind that a smart lock may be linked to just one door; thus, if your home has many doors or a secured front gate, you will need to purchase and maintain multiple locks.

What If A Guests’ Phone Becomes Unusable?

There is no need to be concerned.

All smart locks may be accessed with a standard key. Alternatively, you may open the door remotely for your visitor.

How Secure Are Intelligent Locks?

When a smart lock communicates with a smartphone (transmitting digital passcodes or receiving signals), all data exchanges are encrypted using 128-bit technology. This is the same degree of security as online banking, which would take a government-grade skilled hacker to intercept and decrypt the data. Naturally, there are minor electronic weaknesses. For instance, some individuals have expressed worry that the phone in their pocket may automatically open their door as they approach the peephole to check on the outside. However, more modern Smart locks identify when a signal is received from the inside rather than the outside and disregard the signals from the inside. This situation may also be prevented by taking precautions such as removing the auto-unlock feature included on the majority of phones. The bottom fact is that, although smart locks are not marketed as being more secure than a regular deadbolt, they are also not significantly less secure.

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Smart Lock Reviews for Airbnb Property Rentals

RentingLock v5: $300

A lock that can be programmed remotely for holiday rental houses. Guests may access the property using generated codes supplied via text or email, eliminating the need for time-consuming check-ins and the possibility of lost or stolen keys.

RentingLock does not need WiFi or energy – all that is required is an online dashboard to create codes and a particular option to program and scan your own NFC cards for an even more convenient experience, similar to that found in hotels.

Sesame $149.99

Sesame transforms your phone into a keychain! This sophisticated smart key may be designed to react not just to the smartphone(s) to which it is connected but also to any unique knock on your door or phone. It may be readily put in any lock (no tools required). Its [included] batteries last around a year and a half and alert you when they are due for replacement.

Kevo Convert $149

This compact device replaces the deadbolt on your door, identifies the smartphone in your pocket, and unlocks with a single touch, saving you the effort of fiddling with your phone in your pocket or bag. Kevo’s free app includes all administration features.

$289 – $549 for RemoteLock

RemoteLock’s rugged, WiFi-enabled locks enable users to remotely lock and unlock doors, get notifications when codes are used, issue fresh temporary codes, and deny entry to visitors from their smartphone or computer.

$299 – $369 for eRentalLock

The code generating tool is available for both short-term and long-term visitors and allows for creating a 10-digit access code or 3-6-digit unique code days or months in advance. Popular features for hosts include the opportunity for visitors to establish their simple-to-remember, time-sensitive codes, two backup keys for an emergency override, and the ability for hosts to deactivate the legitimate access code giving them more control over the property. Three different kinds of locks are available in three different finishes: nickel, bronze, and brass. The weather-resistant battery has a typical three-year life cycle and an inbuilt clock. It is simple to install on almost any door.

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Utilization of a Smart Lock

Most smart lock models are not available in shops and must be acquired online via the model’s website. In most situations, smart locks can be installed in 10-20 minutes after removing the keyhole on the back of the door with a screwdriver if needed. Once the system is up and running, test the authorization on a few cellphones to ensure it operates correctly. After that, just add your visitors’ phone numbers to the permitted phone list. Include the phone number of a friend or neighbor who can open the door in the event of an emergency.

How To Teach Guests To Use Smart Locks

Not all of your visitors will be technologically adept. If you decide to invest in a smart lock system, you will almost certainly be required to offer instructions on using the smart lock software. Because most devices have an auto-lock option, your visitor will simply need to download the app and switch on their Bluetooth when they arrive at your place. Consider our favorite vacation rental software to boost your business. 

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