Laptops have become our mini workspace in an era of remote and smart jobs. Unlike traditional jobs that require you to be physically present at work or do physical tasks like manufacturing, production, customer service, HR, etc., tasks have been automated by using AI, Machine Learning,  Cloud Computing, etc., and can only be achieved within the internet space.

Since our phones are designed to fit our hands and have limitations, the laptop becomes the best option for high-performing smart jobs whether physically at work or remotely. The point is, laptops are a huge part of our lives, especially the money-making part especially for people who love to click here to play online slots, so, our first instinct is to protect them.

It is very common when we first purchase a laptop or get one from our workplace to handle it with care. It could be that amount we purchased it for is still fresh in our minds or the pampering we give new things is still in operation. Either way, the habit of protecting our laptops continues for some and the journey ends almost as fast as it started for others.

When we are in our computer-protection phase, we tend to protect it from scratch, falls, data loss, theft, etc. Sometimes we succeed and other times we don’t, especially when the laptop is no longer new and we don’t care as long as it works. However, some habits and practices can damage the laptop because you’re not aware they can, or you think you are careful enough to stop the damage from happening.

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Some of the weird things that can damage your computer are listed below.


You will agree with me that pets can be adorable and destructive at the same time. Pets, especially cats love to knock off things for no particular reason. So, keeping your computer in the site and by the edge of the table is all the signal pets need to swing into action with the device they see their human owners using the most. If you are too lazy to bag your computer after use, keep it away from the edge of your desk.

Literally getting cooked

You’re probably wondering, who would be careless enough to get their computer cooked? The answer is anyone who takes their computer to the kitchen and multi-tasks with cooking and work. People working remotely could have meetings or jobs that clash with hunger and makes them enter the kitchen with their laptops. Some might be using laptops to read recipes or watch cooking videos as they cook. Believe it or not, there are stories of people who got carried away or were absent-minded and placed their devices on hot cooking burners. The more you think, that can’t be my computer while I’m in the kitchen using it, the more your chances of damaging your computer in kitchen accidents.

Keeping your laptop at children’s reach

Kids, just like your pets are aware you spend so much time with your device. The reason why you spend time with your gadgets is not important to them and all they want to do is imitate the things they see you do. Plus, you must admit that these devices are very attractive even to you the adult and that’s why you bought them. Since you can not stop kids from being curious, you have to be diligent in putting your devices away else they pour water or food on them, crack the screen, or make them malfunction.

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Bouncing off a subwoofer

There is a temptation to place your laptop on a sound system and it looks like it was created to be there. Often, the vibration from the sound system keeps pushing the laptop little by little and we are lucky to see the shift just in time to adjust it back. Other times, there is more than a jump scare and the computer falls off. Depending on the height of the fall and the surface the computer hits, your laptop may experience serious damages that will cost a lot to fix. You may join me to visit here and take this oath, “I solemnly swear not to place my laptop on a sound system no matter how tempting it looks.”

Stepping on the laptop

When it comes to getting a thing done immediately, we tend to rely on our minds to remind us to do it at a later date no matter how many times our mind has failed us. So, we convince ourselves to do something as easy as picking up our laptops on the floor at another time and slip into procrastination. We go about our normal activities and strut about the house not expecting a laptop on the floor till the shocking sound of a crack brings us back to reality and costs us the screen of our laptop and more.

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