Organizations are responsible for keeping their employees safe. In some situations, injuries result from unsafe work environments or accidents that could have been prevented. You might be aware of some problems in your workplace, but you may be unsure about whether it rises to the level of a personal injury lawsuit. When an injury does occur, and you find yourself searching for an attorney, the first step is to know if you have a valid case. It would help if you had a workplace injury attorney in San Antonio, TX. To help you determine if your situation warrants filing a claim, let’s dive into some of these signs more closely:

Workplace Injury Explanation

A workplace injury can happen to anyone, whether your job is in an office or you’re on a construction site. You may know that you should turn to a lawyer if your employer or another person nearby causes your accident, but what about if the problem is a workplace hazard—like a faulty piece of equipment? A workplace injury can be as small as a cut while working, or it could be something more serious, like losing a limb or becoming permanently disabled. Workplace injuries include Falls, Burns, Slip and fall accidents, bruises, cuts, broken bones, and prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals. Regardless of the severity of your situation, it’s time to call in an attorney.

A workplace injury attorney is a specialized lawyer who handles cases involving injuries suffered in the workplace. These injuries are usually caused by unsafe conditions, defective products, and negligent supervisors. Workplace injuries can be costly to recover from as they involve much more than medical expenses and employ complex laws.

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How a Workplace Injury Attorney Can Help You

If any of these types of injuries happened at work, or if you have been diagnosed with a work-related illness or condition (such as a musculoskeletal disorder or carpal tunnel syndrome), an attorney can help you:

  • Determine whether a workplace hazard caused your injury
  • Collect the information needed from your Employer to support your claim
  • Assist in filing a workers’ comp claim
  • They can also assist in negotiating settlements and, if necessary, represent you in court. The costs of hiring an attorney are often reimbursed by worker’s comp insurance after your case is closed.

Signs That You Need A Workplace Injury Attorney:

  1. You were injured on the job and are being told that the company’s worker’s compensation insurance will cover all of your losses, including medical bills and lost wages;
  2.  You’ve been fired due to an injury on the job or an illness related to your work;
  3. You’ve been injured by faulty equipment or machinery;
  4. . You’ve been discriminated against because you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim;
  5.  Your Employer is trying to deny that your injuries occurred because of work-related activities;
  6.  Your Employer is trying to shift blame for the accident onto another party;
  7.  Your employer failed to provide a safe work environment or proper protective equipment for your use;
  8.  Your employer failed to train or supervise you properly;
  9.  You were injured by someone else at work (for example, by another employee or coworker);
  10.  You were exposed to dangerous chemicals in the workplace;
  11. According to the National Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, your Employer Doesn’t Have a Safety Manual: More than half of non-union U.S. workers today are without access to a comprehensive safety manual. Since safety manuals are most often developed by first-hand workers who’ve gone through similar situations and injuries, they can provide valuable insight into avoiding similar ones yourself. Suppose your Employer’s safety procedures aren’t clearly laid out in a manual or online. That could mean they’re not considering the needs and well-being of the company’s employees as their top priority. Don’t be afraid to ask if one is available or suggest that one is needed—you might save your back from getting hurt in the future!
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Most workplace injuries are minor, but once the injury becomes serious, the need for a workplace injury lawyer becomes apparent. For example, if you suffered a fall or a dog bite at work, you might still require medical help, but not necessarily the services of an attorney. However, if your injury ends up causing you to miss work or a paycheck now, you might want to contact an attorney for legal advice on your rights and remedies. Workplace injuries do happen: Nationwide, there were over seven million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2010 alone, and more than three million people missed some amount of work from their most recent nonfatal workplace injury. If you find yourself in such a situation, ensure you pay attention to these 11 signs when a workers’ compensation lawyer is necessary.

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