Steps To Preparing For A Divorce

Getting divorced from your partner is an extremely emotional and traumatizing experience for most, especially if the divorce is not amicable. The process of separating from your partner can be emotionally overwhelming and can take a toll on the best of us. Add to that mounds of paperwork, asset division, and a custody fight – all of it can sometimes be too much to handle. Hence, if you have decided to get a divorce from your spouse, it is recommended that you prepare for it comprehensively and take all the help you can get. Therefore, given below are the four steps that one should take while preparing for divorce:

1. Find a divorce lawyer

Entering litigation with your spouse can be a challenging experience for most both emotionally and financially. Hence, you need to find a responsible and experienced divorce lawyer that is well-versed in both off-court settlements and in-court litigation to ensure that your case is well presented. Your divorce attorney is also going t act as your guide throughout this entire procedure, and you should hence choose a lawyer that you feel compatible with, and one that understands your position in detail. Before choosing a divorce attorney for yourself, look into their credentials and success rate, and ask for recommendations and reviews from your peers.

2. Gather all financial and valuation information

The settlement of marital assets and debts is likely to be a major chunk of your divorce proceedings, and hence you must have a clear idea of your and your partner’s financial standing. You should start by making a list of all assets you own which may include inheritances, family homes, pensions, vehicles, and bank accounts. You should also make note of the value ahead of time because your lawyer is likely to thoroughly look for divorce valuation of assets later on. You should also determine what you and your partner owe in terms of debt, and note it irrespective of whether the debt is in your name or your partner’s. All of this information should be kept safe, and in multiple copies to be provided to your attorney later on.

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3. Discuss custody options with your lawyer

Some of the ugliest parts of a divorce proceeding include dealing with child custody, and the sensitivity of the matter calls for your attention well in advance. Be open with your divorce attorney and discuss in detail the nuances of child custody, and your position in this matter. It is important to keep the needs of your children above yours in these tumultuous times and you should hence be prepared to possibly share custody of your children with your spouse. Depending on the age of the children and the parent’s financial circumstances, the courts may vary in their decision for custody, and an out-of-court settlement is best in matters of custody.

4. Remind yourself to maintain your integrity

It can be very easy to lose your cool during your divorce proceeding, and hence you should ensure that no matter how angry, betrayed, or hurt you might be feeling, this is not the time to show your emotions and create a scene. Your spouse may know how to push your buttons and may try to do the same during court proceedings to bring out the worst in you, but you should remember the bigger picture and be the bigger person. Refrain from badmouthing your spouse in front of friends and family, and focus on yourself instead. Your emotional, physical and mental well-being should take precedence overall, and you should try meditation and therapy to keep a clear head.

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