Are you an existing motorcycle owner? Or you are thinking to buy the online bike of your choice and meet the desired riding requirement? In both cases, it is imperative to maintain the overall condition of your motorcycle for ensuring a long-lasting riding experience. No matter, if you ride the motorcycle for a daily commutation purpose, for a long-riding experience, or even for an adventurous ride, it is necessary to maintain your bike’s performance and outlook.

It’s certainly not a herculean task to maintain the performance and physical appeal of your motorcycle. Simple to do the same by following the necessary tips and tricks that we will mention here. In this blog, we will be sharing five such tips to keep up the condition of your two-wheeler with no hassle at all.

Below is the list of seven motorcycle maintenance tips that you must follow

1. Thoroughly cleaning the motorcycle

One of the simplest things to best maintain your motorcycle is the regular cleaning task. All you have to do is wash and clean the bike at regular intervals to get rid of the dirt, dust, and greasy substance. It’s a simple yet easy-to-follow task in terms of maintaining the outlook and running performance of the motorcycle in a hassle-free manner. And to do this, all you need is simple to grab things like water, a sponge, washing liquid, a pressure washer, and more.

Step-by-step process to clean the bike

· Give your motorcycle a quick rinse process by using a pressure washer or even a spray full of water. Doing this will help you loosen the dirt and grime stuck on the distinctive surface of the motorcycle in a hassle-free manner.

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· After that spray the liquid cleaning material or even the soap on all the surfaces of your motorcycle without fail. Just remember to take your own time spraying the soap on the motorcycle and then clean by using a soft bristle brush.

· Later rinse off the complete structure of the motorcycle with clean water.

· Once that is done, then dry up the motorcycle in the broad day sunlight and do not try to switch on the engine.

2. Take care of the bike’s battery

Your bike’s battery is one of the most important components which relies on the complete energy and electric power. It is your duty to periodically check the battery’s charge by doing the necessary visual inspection. You must check the corrosion on the battery’s terminal, any kind of rust, or even loose connections. With the help of a professional bike battery operator, you can ask for an inspection, clean the terminals, charge the battery, and perform the necessary cleanups with no hassle at all.

Another imperative thing to notice is that, if you do not ride your motorcycle for a while, then the battery started losing its power and the ride fails to meet the capacity of self-start. In such a

scenario, you must charge the battery as soon as possible to ride with ease and comfort.

3. Inspect & change the engine oil

Your motorcycle uses the engine oil to lubricate the internal parts well to ensure seamless riding functionality ahead. It is important to keep your motorcycle well-lubricated for its engine, chain, and spare parts maintenance to an optimum extent. As you continue to ride your motorcycle, the engine oil starts getting dirty and loses its lubrication to an optimum extent. At such times, the bike requires complete replacement of the oil at periodic intervals. Let’s just say, you need to change the engine oil after riding the motorcycle for more than 1000 to 2000 kilometers.

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Changing the motorcycle’s engine oil is a matter of necessary concern to increase the engine performance, fuel efficiency, and overall life of your motorcycle. It’s simple to change the engine oil with the help of a professional automotive partner with no hassle at all.

4. Maintaining your bike’s tires

Undoubtedly, your motorcycle tires face a lot in terms of experiencing several cases of abuse on the road while crossing difficult pathways and roads full of stones, rocks, and other particles. It is important to maintain the optimum tire pressure and ensure a comfortable ride ahead with no hassle at all. Simply make a habit of checking air pressure before starting your ride and fill up the air at the service station. It is better advised to fill the air in the morning when tires are in cold condition and better fill up with ease.

Also, check any wear and tear on the tire to prevent any air leakage or puncture to avoid any unexpected breakdown. For this, you need to follow the same process of checking the tire’s condition at regular intervals.

5. Make a change in fuel-filling habit

Quite often, riders are in the habit of filling up the fuel in motorcycles at any point in time. For instance, after riding a motorcycle for a few kilometers, people tend to add fuel to the ride. However, filling up fuel in hot engine conditions results in more consumption than usual. And thereby degrading the bike’s fuel efficiency to an optimum level.

To increase the mileage capacity of your motorcycle, simply add fuel during the morning hours of the day. When the bike is in a cold state, it adds limited fuel inside. Thus, giving you the required mileage efficiency with ease.

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6. Let the chain system be lubricated

There is no doubt that your motorcycle’s chain is the driving force of the wheel that makes it keep going. So, it is relevant to take care of the chain system regularly and maintain its working efficiency. A simple task to do is to add a lubricating effect for the smooth movement of the chain.

Another thing to do is check any sort of wear and tear on the chain, ling break, or anything else. Also, if it is required, then change the sprockets with new spare parts for effective functioning ahead.

One more thing that you can do is eliminate the greasy and grime effect from the chain system. Doing this also ensures a seamless movement of the chain and allows the wheels to move freely.

7. Maintaining the air filter

An air filter performs a crucial job to ensure the effective functioning of your motorcycle’s engine. This part assures the grime, dirt, and dust are blocked into the way of air that passes to your engine. The filter traps the dusty particles to ensure clean air is transferred. However, at times, neglected air filter when clogged with dirt causes the engine to fail to perform to an optimum level. At such times, you can first clean the air filter with the help of an automotive expert by using special solvents. On the other side, if the need requires, then change the air filter with a new one.

Concluding Thoughts

Maintaining your motorcycle for a long-lasting performance is not a hassle anymore. With the necessary tips and tricks, you can maintain the riding capacity, acceleration, mileage, and overall performance of your bike. As part of the maintenance, you can buy original Hero bike spare parts and accessories on a reliable platform of eShop Hero Motocorp.

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