Spartan Capital Securities is an independent stockbroker that provides various investment services to both individuals and institutions. Their website features an online trading platform which enables traders to place trades quickly; additionally they also provide educational materials to teach novice investors the fundamentals of investing.

Customer service complaints against Spartan Capital Securities are an often-cited aspect of reviews and complaints about the firm. Common narratives alleging lengthy response times and inadequate solutions must be evaluated impartially so as to recognize recurring problems from isolated incidents.


Spartan Capital Securities’ complaints indicate a wide array of customer dissatisfaction, from customer service issues and technical difficulties, to transaction processes and transaction costs. Careful examination is necessary in identifying whether these claims represent isolated incidents or reflect larger problems within the brokerage firm.

Many of these claims center around inappropriate trading strategies. According to a complaint filed by Finra, New York-based broker Marc Augustus Reda recommended an unsuitable strategy of active trades and anticipating corporate announcements as part of an aggressive trading plan he proposed for over 60 customers who lost investments with him, charging over $934K in fees and commissions and incurring over $934K in losses.

The complaint alleges that Lowry and his firm violated FINRA’s suitability rules by failing to take into account investors’ financial circumstances, investment objectives, and risk tolerances when making recommendations to them. They also failed to report several regulatory events on BrokerCheck reports. Such allegations are serious in nature and could result in heavy fines from FINRA.

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Spartan Capital Securities Complaints as a broker-dealer must abide by industry standards and regulations, including being part of FINRA – the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, an industry watchdog which protects investors.

FINRA also enforces rules regarding advertising of firms’ products and services, intended to safeguard investors against false or misleading information that can cause losses or damages. Educational programs and other resources are available to members in order to understand and comply with these advertising rules.

Spartan Capital Securities, an investment banking and financial services firm in New York, specializes in mergers, acquisitions, private placements, bridge financings, mezzanine capital, debt restructurings and joint venture investments for high-net-worth individuals and institutions alike. Their clients include hedge funds, institutions and banks – not to mention new issues of equity and debt products that they market directly to qualified institutional buyers via underwriters.

Legal options

Spartan Capital Securities may respond to customer allegations of misconduct or negligence by showing it has stringent internal compliance protocols, such as its rigorous risk management system and rigorous auditing process that ensures compliance with industry regulations. Furthermore, it could highlight its commitment to transparency – this would cast doubt upon any allegations of misconduct or negligence from customers.

Additionally, the company could argue that any financial losses suffered by customers were not caused by its actions but by external economic forces beyond its control; this attempt at shifting responsibility away from them and their brokers.

If you believe you have suffered financial harm due to unsuitable investment advice or too much trading by a Spartan Capital Securities broker, explore your legal options by consulting BrokerCheck or meeting with an independent financial advisor for guidance. Furthermore, file a formal complaint against them with FINRA as soon as possible in order to seek reimbursement and seek justice for what has transpired.

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Brokerage firms’ online platforms lure investors, offering them new investment opportunities and growing their assets. But within that excitement are stories of frustration surfacing – often alleging discrepancies in account statements or withdrawal problems from funds that need closer examination.

Once you understand and accept all risks and costs associated with it, a margin account offers an unparalleled opportunity for purchasing investments with leveraged investment vehicles at minimal risk and increased returns; it increases market risk as well as price volatility but has its own set of rewards and risks.

Zippia provides an in-depth view into Spartan Capital Securities, such as salaries, political affiliations and employee data. This data comes from self-reported employee, user and other sources and should serve as an accurate but not complete representation of this company; updates are periodically provided in this regard.

Investment Advice

Spartan Capital Securities of New York provides investment advice. They are registered with FINRA, which regulates the financial industry. Since 2017, this firm has been involved with six state and self-regulatory disclosure events relating to advisor misconduct leading to investor losses.

Examining Spartan Capital Securities’ customer experience opens a Pandora’s box of complex narratives. Investors’ experiences at this brokerage firm vary between accounts of fruitful gains and dissatisfaction, reflecting individual choices and risk appetites.

Spartan Capital Securities has come under criticism from some investors due to its suggestions of non-suitable investment plans or excessive trading on their behalf, both of which can cause large portfolio losses. People considering investing with Spartan Capital Securities should review its history on FINRA’s BrokerCheck as well as speak with an independent financial adviser before investing with this firm. Furthermore, research should also be conducted regarding their digital safety protocols and any security incidents or breaches within the organization.

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Spartan Capital Securities provides both retail and institutional trading of municipal, corporate, agency debt, mortgage-backed securities and foreign bonds. Furthermore, this firm also provides research to assist traders and money managers make successful investments.

John Lowry is the Founder and CEO of Spartan Capital Securities. With over 25 years of experience in investment banking and business development, John has built up an in-depth knowledge of these fields through executive roles.

Spartan Capital Securities led 51 transactions and 12 initial public offerings (IPOs), raising $679 million. These included registered direct offerings, CMPOs, at-the-market offerings, PIPEs and private placements / M&A transactions. If your brokerage account has suffered due to financial advisor misconduct it is wise to consult a reputable attorney specializing in recovering investment losses for investors – we offer consultations so please reach out now to discuss all of your options!

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