9.9 kw Solar Panel System

Amongst various residential and commercial systems, a 9.9 kW solar panel system is a staple choice. This solar power system can generate an average of 33kWh from solar energy on a daily basis. It is generally attached with an 8kW or 10kW Inverter and 27 to 33 solar panels. 

Is 9.9kW Solar System perfect for you?   

In order to determine if a 9.9kW solar system is right for you, we first need to find out how much electricity you require on average. In your most recent quarterly power bill, you will find this information readily available. If your average daily usage falls somewhere around 32 to 40kWh, installing 9.9kW solar panels on your roof can be a safe choice for you. This type of solar power system would generate enough power to meet your electricity requirements on a daily basis and would also allow you to increase your consumption if required.

You should audit your current electricity consumption habits to maximize the return from your solar system. Identify activities that consume a substantial amount of power (washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc) and make sure these appliances are only used during daylight hours when the sun is out. Always remember that never use all the heavy appliances at the same time. Ensure that the solar power system can meet all your electricity requirements by spreading out the time.  

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Output of a 9.9kW Solar System in major cities

City Output
Sydney 32kWh
Melbourne 31kWh
Brisbane 36kWh
Adelaide 35kWh
Hobart 30kWh
Perth 38kWh


How much do you have to invest for a 9.9kW Solar System? 

The amount that you have to invest for installing 9.9kW solar panels on your roof is dependent on a range of factors:

  • The brand of solar power system that you choose.
  • The city where you reside.
  • The manufacturer of your solar system. 

The information available on online websites is quite cluttered and is not arranged in a proper manner. Below we have compiled a list of data that states how much you would have to invest if you are installing a 9.9kW solar panel system. 

*The amount mentioned for Melbourne is after the inclusion of a solar Victoria rebate of around $1400. For more detailed information on this topic, you can get in touch with our expert team today! Our expert consultants are here to give you the best guidance and solar solution.


Major City Starts from
Sydney $6,650
Melbourne $7,200*
Brisbane $6,650
Adelaide $5,650
Hobart $9,100
Perth $5,650


What are the benefits of installing a 9.9kW solar panel system?

There are several reasons why 9.9kW solar panels are a perfect fit for your residential homes or small businesses. 

Savings on electricity bills

A 9.9 kW solar system has the ability to generate enough electricity to meet your electricity demands either for your residential homes or small businesses. 

Increase in the value of your property

When you install solar panels in your residential homes or small businesses, you also increase the value of your asset. 

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Less maintenance

After the investment done in installing solar panels, very little effort is required to keep the solar panels in working condition. They are physically maintenance-free and require very little investment to keep them working efficiently. 

Good for the environment

Solar energy is environmentally friendly and clean and inexhaustible. Thus, they are a good option for someone who wants to do something good for the environment. 

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