Instagram is a visual platform where you can showcase your talent. You have to be able to make the best Instagram video content for good reach. Some influencers buy Instagram TV likes to reach out better to their target audience. There are plenty of possibilities to create creative content with Instagram TV videos. Don’t panic if you are stuck in a block cause you can make simple interactive videos.

Creating a video for IGTV should take above 15 seconds to get uploaded. Make sure to create videos in vertical form only. Then, you can create content and share it on IGTV and other social media platforms. You can use all the recommended dimensions for making the best IGTV videos. Below are some simple IGTV video ideas you will find helpful in increasing your profile traffic.

Question And Answer Session

With that option in Instagram Stories, you can start by putting up a poll asking them to ask you a question. Otherwise, you can also ask your followers to post questions below your recently published video. Once you get all the questions, filter out the repetitive and similar questions in the lot. Record yourself by introducing yourself and then answer the questions one by one. When your followers watch them, a form of happiness and excitement is caused. With this, you increase accounts’ credibility.

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Exercise Routines

These types of routines never go out of fashion. With fitness taken seriously, people are giving extra attention to workout routines. If you have a healthy way that has shown you results, share it with your followers. Start by recording the basic poses that helped you. You can eventually make a video routine of what combinations have helped you lose weight.

Makeup And Skin-Care Routine

With a lot of pollution in the air today, the skin of everyone is dry and dirty. These dry and dirty conditions increase breakouts and roughness to your skin. Sharing a working method for skin care in IGTV videos will help you look flawless. You can also create videos of Makeup like different looks, easy ways to wear eyeliner, and more. Your followers will be interested in knowing the secret behind flawless skin and Makeup.

Share A Favorite Recipe

Almost all the influencers have at least once shared the ingredients to their favorite recipe. You can also use this idea to interact with your followers. With the help of this method, your followers will get attached to you. You give your followers an activity to try out for themselves and review the recipe. By providing text instruction in the video, you can make the recipe an easy-to-follow video anyone can try.

Make IGTV Series

Some ideas can be too complex to complete in one video. So as a creator, you can make a series of videos to cover different topics of the same content. You can explore, learn and educate your audience with these types of content. It can be a fun-themed series too for your followers to come and enjoy. With IGTV series you can make your followers come back to your account weekly to watch new content.

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Make Tutorials And How To Do Videos

With IGTV videos giving you space to upload videos that are more than 15 seconds, you can use them wisely. You can track IGTV content with Trollishly and compare how your posts perform compared to others. For example, make IGTV video tutorials on creating IGTV content, from editing to posting. These videos can educate your followers and inspire them to become fellow creators.

Review Videos

IGTV also gives sufficient space to upload review videos. You can use the place to make a series of videos on the same topic. For instance, if you are reviewing a book, you can plan on reviewing books weekly. You can review anything from a dress you brought online to a product you loved on amazon. Some people review new songs, advertisements, movies, and art too. Find out what works for you and make more content on that topic.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are usually an aesthetically pleasing type of content available for you. You can unbox a product you recently made a purchase and review. For example, if you purchased a new pen, you can review the packing and open it simultaneously. Reviewing of the specks and their other features can be done in an unboxing video. In addition, these methods help your followers understand the product, letting them decide to purchase.

Vlogging A Day Videos

You can let your followers into a day of your busy life. With this type of content, they will feel more connected to you. Making videos with a time-lapse of your day and the food you eat are examples of vlog videos. Your followers will like the fun interaction you have with them. At the same time, it will excite them to learn about your life. Vlog videos are good content to boost your account credibility.

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In Conclusion

Even though IGTV allows you to share a video for up to 60 minutes, keeping it to the point matters; in this fast-paced world, you have to be able to grab the short attention span of your followers. So keep it short and informative or fun to gain awareness.

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