Some software robots are built to interact with digital applications and software and perform all the activities that humans perform like understanding output, entering data, performing calculations, and navigation. These software robots are commonly called bots. Robotic Process Automation is a software technology that mimics humans while they are interacting with the software and makes it easy for them to create, deploy and manage these software robots so that they can work more consistently and efficiently as compared to


Robotic process automation tools:

There are a variety of RPA tools in the market, these tools are commonly used for the configuration of task automation. The repetitive tasks that need to be performed in the offices can be carried out easily with the help of these tools. Here are some best tools that are popular in the market.

  1. Keysight’s eggplant: Keysight’s eggplant can interact with different systems and is best suitable when repetitive tasks need to be performed as it makes use of RPA solutions for the execution of these tasks which results in more efficiency and fewer errors. 


  • Designed to best suit the needs of process experts
  • Automatic, manual, and combination of both processes are supported by this software
  • Has great compatibility with SAP and oracle which are common packaged apps
  1. HelpSystems: HelpSystems is best for employees who are working for an organization as it is easy to use and affordable. This RPA platform specializes in performing automated repetitive manual processes in your office. 
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  • It can connect with any applications that are used in your business as it has a powerful API integration kit.
  • It can handle unstructured data with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning which enhances creativity and intelligence.
  • Maintains logical workflow with the help of a graphical workflow designer
  1. Creator: To make a new software you need to write long complex codes, but this tool can eliminate the use of complicated codes when you are building new software. You can easily make the functional workflow of your business logic. The creator is combined with Quickbooks, PayPal, and Zapier. 


  • It keeps our business streamlined 
  • A wide variety of Insightful reports are provided to the user
  • Codes can be easily dragged and dropped
  1. Agency: This software is named agency because it enables users to create agents easily. Agency can help a user make use of the already processed data and can be used for data scrapping, text extraction, and OCR.


  • You can add logic and business rules easily which will result in increased productivity of your business
  • Enables automatic updates through email on the completion of your job
  • The activity log for all events can be reviewed
  1. Blue Prism: you can only use Blue Prism when you possess good programming skills, which makes it a good tool for developers. 


  • It is platform independent i.e., it can be used on any platform
  • It has the capability that it can work with any application
  • Network and software certificates security is provided

This technology is becoming popular in recent times as it is easy to use and one can spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on strategic work.



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