To correctly assess the function of the reproductive system, a doctor needs to understand the levels of hormones: AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone), FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), estradiol, progesterone, TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), T4 (tetraiodothyronine), prolactin, testosterone and IVF .

This will allow you to prepare for pregnancy and choose an individual treatment.

smear on flora

A smear on the flora is a microscopic examination of the discharge of the genital organs, which gives the doctor information about the state of the microflora of the genital organs and also helps to identify inflammatory processes.

smear for oncocytology

A smear for oncocytology is a cytological examination of a scraping from the cervix aimed at identifying pre-oncological conditions and malignant processes.

In addition to seeing specialists, your doctor may prescribe other examinations according to indications: ultrasound of the pelvic organs and mammary glands, ECG, fluorography and laboratory tests.

Your attending physician can only give the exact list of studies necessary during the preparation for IVF fertilization after a personal examination in the clinic.

Preliminary examination before IVF fertilization for a man

If a married couple is preparing for in vitro fertilization, then the man and the woman must also undergo an examination.

Laboratory research:

  • HIV
  • Analysis for syphilis PRP and RPHA
  • Hepatitis B antibodies (HBsAg)
  • Antibodies to hepatitis C
  • Program complex with sperm morphology
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MAR test

A spermogram is a laboratory test to identify possible diseases of the male reproductive system that cause fertility disorders. The concentration, structure of spermatozoa, indicators of seminal fluid, and the presence of inflammatory processes are being studied.

In simple terms, a program gives the doctor information about the state of the male reproductive system and the possibilities of his sperm for fertilization.

PCR scraping from the urethra

The study of scrapings from the urethra by PCR (molecular diagnostics) reveals the presence of urogenital and genital infections in the male body.

Men’s health and infertility

Every man needs to remain a “man” to the end, that is, to have good health, physical strength and, of course, be able to bear children. If you have been diagnosed with infertility, do not be upset – most of the violations of male reproductive function are correctable and successfully treated.

IMPORTANT! Information on the diagnostic stage for men and women is provided for informational purposes only since the list of specialists, analyses, and studies may be changed depending on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Well-prescribed treatment
  • 100% result

How IVF goes through the stages

To summarize, the whole process is built from several steps. Each is strictly verified and ultimately aimed at developing a healthy, normal pregnancy.

Before the patient consents to ivf cost in Pakistan, the reproductive specialist tells her in detail about all the steps she will have to go through on the way to successful fertilization.

Let’s move on to the steps themselves:

  1. The first stage is a preliminary examination (preparation for IVF)
  2. We have discussed it a little more in this article (section Preparing for IVF).
  3. The price depends on the individual list of examinations of the patient.
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Stimulation of superovulation

Superovulation stimulation (or ovulation induction) is a process in which the simultaneous maturation of several eggs is artificially increased. Usually, a woman develops only one follicle with one egg during a normal menstrual cycle.

Special hormonal therapy will help the body increase the number of mature eggs in the ovary (in other words, grow several eggs simultaneously) in one cycle, giving a better chance of pregnancy.

We use an individual approach for each patient, so the stimulation scheme may vary depending on the woman’s characteristics.

The cost of superovulation stimulation is included in the IVF program.

Follicle puncture

After the stimulation of superovulation has been successful, it is time to puncture the follicles (collection of eggs from the ovaries). Follicle puncture is performed under anaesthesia in the operating room. The reproductive specialist performs egg puncture by puncturing the ovary through the vaginal wall with a special needle under ultrasound control.

The most suitable day for follicle puncture depends on the ultrasound data and the selected IVF scheme for a particular patient.


Follicle puncture and oocyte retrieval – 62,000 PKR

Oocyte fertilization and embryo culture

The fertilization of oocytes (eggs) and the cultivation of embryos is the most difficult and crucial stage of ivf in lahore (IVF). Despite the laboratory conditions, fertilization in the classic version of IVF occurs in conditions as close to natural as possible. A suspension of spermatozoa is added to the medium with eggs, where the spermatozoa fertilize the oocytes.

  • Price
  • Follicle puncture and oocyte retrieval – 62,000 PKR

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