Can You Answer these 6 UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination Questions?

If you are a UPPSC Staff Nurse Aspirant, then you would be wondering how to beat the tough competition of the Nurse examination. While there is no hard and fast rule to win a competitive exam, the answer to the question somewhat is in the basics. Yes, the basic foundation of your preparation decides whether you are going to make it or not. 


The majority of the candidates have a disorganized preparation strategy which ultimately cost them their selection. On the other hand, the candidate who has made their basic foundation strong wins over other candidates. Therefore, in this article, we will share 6 basic questions that every candidate should ask themselves before appearing for the UPPSC Nurse Examination. If you are able to find their answers correctly, your chances of selection will be relatively higher than other candidates. 


6 Questions You Should Ask yourself before appearing for UPPSC Nurse Examination 


  1. Am I eligible?: Though the question is quite obvious, in addition to the UPPSC Staff Nurse Eligibility Criteria, you should know if you are holding all the relevant documents needed as per the examination. Many candidates get eliminated in document verification due to minor mistakes in their documents. It is mainly because candidates fail to see the exam notification thoroughly and ignore all the important information. And, finally, bear the brunt of this ignorance in the document verification round. So make sure you are holding all the important documents as well as caste certificates well in time. 
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  1. What is the Scheme of Examination?: Before appearing for any examination, you should know what is the marking scheme of the examination. Without knowing the marking scheme- you will never be able to make a proper preparation strategy. In addition to the marking scheme, you should also analyze the weightage of every topic asked in the examination, and study according to it. 


  1. Do I know the Syllabus? Though these things seem to be of no avail, in reality, these little things have a vast impact on your performance. A candidate with little or no awareness of the exam syllabus has to trust their mentors or books blindly. In such cases, a candidate most of the time studies irrelevant things and ends up wasting a lot of time. Henceforth, go through your UPPSC Staff Nurse Syllabus at least twice or thrice and then plan your studies. And, keep your studies strictly in line with the exam syllabus. 


  1. Am I prepared?: Now, it is obvious, you won’t be prepared in the initial phase, but the real question is: are you prepared to stay honest about your goal? During your course of preparation for the UPPSC Nurse Examination, you will encounter many diversions and distractions. You have to prepare your mind for them in advance. Moreover, apart from preparing mentally, you will need to devise a proper preparation strategy that includes sufficient time to learn, practice, & take mock tests. 


  1. What is My Winning Strategy?: A good UPPSC Staff Nurse Exam strategy should involve a blend of practice and learning. You can never know your level until you have given a test. Hence, instead of studying blindly, make a habit of giving regular mock tests. Moreover, apart from mock tests, solve all the previous year’s papers so that you can know whether what you are studying is exam-relevant or not. 
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  1. Have I mastered my Main Subject?: Your selection in the UPPSC Nurse Examination depends a lot on your score in the main subject. i.e Nursing. Without acing the Nursing subject, you won’t be even in the race. Therefore, attempt as many quizzes and mock tests as possible and analyze them to find out your weak topics, and prepare them. Moreover, analyze your percentile in the mock tests to know if you need some extra effort on your main subject. Give 80% of your preparation time to Nursing and the rest to Hindi & GA. 


Be it any government job examination, the candidates who focus on their basics well, always win over those who don’t. Hence, find answers to these questions and ace the examination with ease.

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