Engineering education in the country has witnessed a lot of advancements in recent times. Aktu affiliated colleges have played a pivotal role in this pursuit. At the same time, students now have a large number of options to choose from when it comes to engineering education. With a large number of engineering colleges coming up in various parts of the country, the choice of a perfect engineering college is always a difficult one. The factors like infrastructure facilities, teaching and learning experience, renowned faculty members and placement prospects are always important considerations while choosing an engineering college. In this article, we take a look at some of these factors in much more detail.


Renowned faculty members 

Renowned faculty members are the first thing that you should consider while choosing a perfect engineering college. A college that hosts experienced faculty members is an indication of the very high degree of research that is conducted in the college. It also forms an amicable innovation atmosphere and helps students to progress in their respect to fields. Renowned faculty members help in clarifying the concepts and clearing the doubts of the students. They provide adequate guidance to the students so that students become clear about their future career options. In one word, renowned faculty members act as torch bearers for students and guide them to achieve their career goals. 


Diverse curriculum and elective subjects 

It is important that the engineering college you choose has a diverse curriculum and provides a wide range of elective subjects. Diverse curriculum refers to multiple subjects that are taught in the institute including interdisciplinary ones. Diverse curriculum gives the students a wide knowledge of different subjects and increases their knowledge base. Some of the most popular elective subjects that are taught in engineering colleges in the present time include data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, big data analytics, cloud computing, operations research, deep learning, business intelligence, business management, data mining, automation technology, sustainable engineering and the like.

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Opportunities of industrial training 

When there are a lot of opportunities of industrial training provided by an institute, it is an indicator of the placement prospects that are to follow. Industrial training prepares the students for the industrial ecosystem and also helps in inculcating a skill set that is necessary for making progress in the industrial space. In addition to this, the availability of enough opportunities related to industrial training helps in bridging the gap between academic curriculum and skill development. In most cases, the companies that offer industrial training to the students are likely to recruit them as permanent employees in the future.


There are three prime benefits of industrial training. Firstly, it helps in orienting the career direction of students as they look at their prospective future from an industrial perspective. Secondly, industrial training helps in giving practical outlook to the theoretical training that is provided to the students in the academic sphere. Thirdly, it helps in early engagement of the students with the industrial ecosystem and enables them to make innovations on a micro scale. These innovations can later be examined from a commercial viewpoint and can benefit the industrial ecosystem as well as the market at large.


Lucrative placement prospects 

There is a lot of impetus and importance that needs to be associated with placement prospects of an academic institute. Placement prospects of an institute are testimony to the fact that big companies and organizations value the skill set that is imparted to the students in that very college. 

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It is an open fact that bright placement prospects of an academic Institute directly correlate with the academic excellence of that institute. When we refer to the lucrative placement prospects, we want to infer information regarding the salary packages that are offered to the students. When companies offer very high salary packages to the students, it indicates that the college has successfully nurtured an innovation ecosystem from which companies want to benefit.


Other factors to consider 

In addition to the above mentioned factors, it is important to consider other few factors that are also important for students. For instance, students are very cautious and careful about good infrastructure and hostel facilities that are provided by the institute. In addition to this, students also attach a great deal of importance to the extra curricular facilities like the maintenance of playgrounds and sports arenas. Thus, it is an aggregate of factors that needs to be considered before making the final choice of admission into an engineering college.

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