Chikmagalur is situated in Mullayanagiri range and is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka to visit. It is also one of the most popular tourist places in the world. Chikamagalur is the starting point of Western Ghats. Chikamaglur is situated in the Malnad region of Karnataka.The Yagachi river originates from surrounding hills. The mountains of Chikmagalur are responsible for the Tunga and Bhadra river.

Chikamagalur is popular for its tall mountains, lush green beautiful forests, serene environment and amazing waterfalls. The region is full of plantations of coffee and tea. Among the most important places to visit in Chikmagalur are Baba Budangiri, Ayyanakere lake, Mulliangiri, Horanadu, Manikyadhara falls, Kemmanagundi, and Hirekolale lake. Chikamagalur is also known for its coffee and is also known as the coffee land of Karnataka.

In Chikamagalur, coffee was cultivated for the first time in India. A muslim saint named Baba Budan brought coffee seeds from Yemen to Karnataka. Usually 2-3 days are required to explore Chikmagalur tour packages. 

How To Reach

The railway stations near to Chikmagalur are Birur, Kadur and Tarikare. Once you reach the station you can book a cab to Chikmagalur. Nearest airports are Banalore, Mangalore and Maysore. After dropping at the airport you can book a cab. Chikmagalur is well connected through road and two national highways pass through the district of Chikmagalur. Chikamagalur is connected to other major cities of Karnataka through regular bus services and taxis. 

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Chikmagalur Tour Packages

Chikmagalur Tour Package From Mangalore

Chikmagalur tour package from Mangalore will be of the duration of 3 nights and 4 days. On the first day you will be driven to Sakleshpur which is a beautiful hill station and entry to beautiful western ghats, which is full of many peaks and surrounded by slopes covered with coffee and tea plantations.  It is covered by green forest and beautiful scenery.

You come and relax in the evening in your resort. Next day, you leave for Chikmagalur. On arriving in Chikamagalur, proceed to the beautiful Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary. There you get permission from the forest department to go for wildlife safari. If you have time on your hands, you can visit Hirekolale lake. Chikmagalur tour package from Mangalore also includes Chikamangalore sightseeing.

You visit Seethalayam Giri and Mullayanagiri. You visit Kavikal Gandi viewpoint, and other waterfalls nearby.

Chikmagalur Tour Package From Bengaluru Highlights

Chikamaglur tour package from Bengaluru will be of three days and two nights. On the first day, you will pick up in Bengaluru and you will travel overnight to reach Chikmagalore the next day, morning. Chikmagalur tour package from Bengaluru also includes a trek on the Mullayanagiri hills. You would be visiting coffee estates to freshen up your taste, and learn the techniques of coffee production on your Chikmagalur tour package from Bengaluru.  

Chikamaglur Tour Package From Hyderabad 

Chikamaglur tour package from Hyderabad will be of 1 night 2 days. The first destination of the itinerary will be Mullayanagiri. On the second day of the Chikamaglur tour package from Hyderabad, you will visit Kemmangundi, Kalhatti falls, and Z points which offer beautiful sights. The final destination would be the Hebbe waterfalls. You will also go for amazing treks on your Chikmagalur tour package from Hyderabad. Near Hebbe waterfalls, you can spend splendid time with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful sunset. You also get to visit Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and Manikyadhara falls. 

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Chikmagalur Tour Package From Mysore

On your Chikmagalur tour package from Mysore, you will be taken for a tour across Chikmagalur on the first day. You will cover the highest peak of Karnataka called the Mullayanagiri. On the next day of the Chikmagalur tour package, you will visit Kemmangundi. This hill station gives you a splendid view for the tourists. You will be visiting Kalhatty waterfalls and Hebbe waterfalls. You will also be enjoying an amazing drive from Bengaluru to Chikmagalur. You will also be visiting the hill ranges of Baba Bundagiri on your Chikmagalur tour package from Mysore. On the first day, you take a flight to Bangalore.

Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur has moderate climate and good weather throughout the year. This makes any time of the year the perfect time to visit Chikmagalur. The winter season is chilly and foggy, while summers are warm and nice. There is heavy rainfall in the region during monsoons. The winter months from October to April make it the best time to visit Chikmagalur if you want to explore plantations and forests and partake in natural activities.

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