If you’re reading this, you probably already know that you and your spouse have been invited to meet the in-laws for the first time. Although this may seem like a normal occurrence for most couples, it is actually a very big deal for many others. Your parents-in-law are excited to meet their future grandchild and are probably wondering why it has taken them so long to meet you. Pregnancy and the prospect of becoming a grandparent is a wonderful time for couples. Many couples begin their family as a result of in-vitro fertilization treatments. Others adopt, while others use other methods like using a fertility awareness method, natural family planning, and more. Whatever path you take to becoming a parent, finding a pregnancy is a moment that elicits a range of feelings in parents.


When you find out you’re expecting a baby, the first person you want to tell is your husband, your most important partner. How do you want to announce your pregnancy? I believe the announcement  technique will vary depending on the circumstances, such as the husband’s work schedule and anniversaries, etc. There are, however, a variety of creative and cute ways to inform your husband that you’re expecting that won’t place extra pressure on him.

Tell Your Husband with a Special Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s a good idea to tell on Valentine’s Day if you find out you’re pregnant during the first week of February. Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday. This day is ideal for a variety of romantic activities. Surprising him with a baby announcement might quadruple the meaning of Valentine’s Day and the emotions you’ll both be feeling.

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Make a Baby Banner for the Room

There are numerous cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant that are both simple and inexpensive. Make a pregnancy announcement banner to display in your room and surprise your husband when he gets home. You can make it on your own and with stuff you already have at home. When he walks into your room and sees the banner, he may be taken aback. But he will definitely hug you and be overjoyed with the news.

Decorate Together

Invite him to decorate your spare room. You should not tell him at first that the room is for the baby. He will only discover this during the day of decorating the room. When he sees all the baby stuff, he will be surprised. He is more motivated to design your baby’s nursery room now that he knows you are expecting.

Surprise Box

When some mothers learn they are pregnant, they may consider cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant. Some mothers may desire to surprise their partners by announcing their pregnancy unexpectedly. The surprise box is one of the most common ways to announce a pregnancy. This is a manner of providing a gift box including baby goods and other items, as well as a statement indicating that you are pregnant.

Surprise After a Meal

Surprise your husband with a personalized plate or mug. When he eats his meal, the message appears on the plate, and when he finishes his coffee, the message appears at the bottom of the mug. This surprise either makes him jump for delight or makes the food taste even better.

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Get a Calendar Marked With The Expected Date Of Delivery

This is a relatively unusual but cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant by reporting the due date without first providing details. You can put your due date on your calendar. His face would have gone from brimming with questions to a beaming grin once he realized what that meant.

Announce With a Cake

This is a small surprise episode in which a pregnancy report is cleverly communicated through the use of the phrase “Daddy ” written on the top of the cake.  I’m sure the husband, who had never been addressed as “daddy” before, chewed on the cake while relishing both the delight of having a baby and the joy of being addressed as “daddy.” 



A “photobomb” is one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant that is popular all around the world. The photographer takes a picture of you and our husband and appears to take a normal picture, but really takes a picture of you with a pregnancy message in the backdrop, which will surprise your husband when he sees the picture. You can take a pregnancy announcement and a souvenir photo  at the same time!

Ask the restaurant for a dessert plate

When dining out as a couple, having a dessert plate reserved with a celebratory note from the restaurant is one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant . You can write anything like “We’re expecting a baby!” or “Congratulations on your pregnancy.” It will undoubtedly surprise your hubby and make the meal’s finale more delightful!

Going out to a memorable place

Go out to a place where the two of you have shared experiences, such as where you had your first date, where you proposed, or where you spent your anniversary. You can reminisce about the past together, which will undoubtedly bring you great joy, and you can tell him you’re expecting while you’re doing so.

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The first thing you should do if you suspect you’re pregnant is inform your husband. There is no need to rush to tell your husband if your period is late or you are feeling lethargic, but if you obtain a positive pregnancy test result, it is a good idea to tell him at that moment. Others inform their husbands after the obstetrician confirms the presence of a fetal sac and the pregnancy is confirmed. The date of the announcement depends on the circumstances, but it is critical to inform your husband first.


I’m sure there have been times when the surprise announcement you prepared didn’t turn out as anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances. And you want to tell your husband in person but he’s busy, so you have to report over the phone, and etc. However, regardless of the style the report takes, it will always be a happy one, so prepare your mind that this will always be a happy memory.


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