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Gone are the days when driving yourself to a job was as easy as 1-2-3! Nowadays, in the era of the internet boom, it is important to build a digital version of oneself to successfully appear in the hiring manager’s or recruiter’s search option.

In the last few decades, LinkedIn has emerged as the best place for job seekers to search for jobs online, in the comfort of their homes. According to some studies, recruiters also look up to LinkedIn for hiring professionals and freshmen. But, LinkedIn can only drive you more interviews if you are well aware of its technicalities and methods to utilize it to its fullest potential. Thus, it becomes all the more important to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it can complement your resume in the best possible way. 

Do you need to burn a hole in your pocket to convert your LinkedIn profile into a resume more smartly? Do you need a online resume maker Tool? Well, this article will unravel some of the tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn profile to complement your resume so that you will not need to search for expensive resume services. 

Tips And Tricks To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Complement Your Resume 

While it is advisable to hire a LinkedIn profile writing service to publish a better and more advanced content on LinkedIn, besides connecting better with hiring managers and scoring interviews, any individual with a little knowledge and technical expertise can ace up their game of optimizing their LinkedIn profile to complement their resume and land themselves into more job opportunities. 

This section will walk you through the different tips and tricks to optimize your profile so that it can be differentiated from your resume and earn you a higher rank in recruiter’s searches for hiring professionals. 

  1. Distinguish Your LinkedIn Profile From your Resume 
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Gone are the days when copy-pasting was an easy task. In recent years, LinkedIn discontinued its copy-pasting features years ago. It is always advised to utilize the updated features of LinkedIn to market your skills and abilities in a better and more efficient way. While resume or cover letters have restricted space for launching all your skills and interests, you can take advantage of LinkedIn for the same. Optimize your LinkedIn profile in such a way so that hiring managers can easily find out about who you are, whom you serve and how. While on your resume, preach about your important skills which would be in sync with the job you are applying for. Your resume should be customized according to the job you are applying to. 


  1. Write Your LinkedIn Content In The Best Way As Possible 

As mentioned before, LinkedIn provides more space to boast about your skills, interests, hobbies, and your past projects. You should never shy away from utilizing all the key features of LinkedIn. Utilize this digital source in the best possible way to drive more interviews into your job hunting box. Similar to hiring resume writing services in India to write the smartest and most advanced resumes to land the most advanced job titles and earn yourself more money, you can also hire a LinkedIn profile writing agency to write LinkedIn profile content on your behalf.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Cover Photo

Similar to profile photos, cover photos are also an important part of optimizing your LinkedIn profile. While there is an in-built LinkedIn banner, it is important to customize your banner photo to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Utilize this space to preach about your personal information, whether you are willing to relocate to a new city, or you can reach through this space what service you provide. 

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  1. Tone And Formality 

There are various ways of writing your LinkedIn profile to optimize it to the fullest potential to complement your resume. Some job posts such as accounting and financial services need a formal resume and in other industries where you need to tell your tale, your resume should have a conversational tone. But, your LinkedIn profile should always have a conversational and informal way of connecting with hiring managers. 


  1. LinkedIn Headline And Job Titles

If you have built yourself a LinkedIn profile, you must have seen a space under your name where you can choose your headline. While a default headline will expose you to view your current job title, a better way of approaching the hiring managers is to customize your job headline according to your past experiences and skills. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords. 


  1. Website Or Blog Link

While you have much less space on your resume, you can not possibly add every little detail about your skills and interests, along with your past projects and social channels. But, the case is different from the LinkedIn profile. The best way to optimize your LinkedIn profile is to add a link to your website, or personal blog so that recruiters can see for themselves your passion and the services that you can provide. 


  1. Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile Optimization By Including Additional Work Details 

LinkedIn provides its users with extra spaces and sections to add more relevant details and information about themselves so that recruiters can easily search for you via LinkedIn profile. Focus on adding your past work details, the organization you were involved with, etc. You can also tag others in these sections so that you will appear on others’ profiles as well. 

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  1. Portray Your Skills in The Smartest Way 

The skills section is meant for job seekers to choose their relevant skills. But, it is important to choose skills that make you stand out from others. 


  1. Utilize The New Features 

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature to its job searching game. Now, users can also use hashtags in their posts. According to a recent study, using hashtags in your posts and content can have a more lasting impression in the minds of recruiters. 


  1. Write The Best Summary

While resumes or cover letters do not give the users enough space to write about skills and interests, LinkedIn has paved the way to do so. LinkedIn provided 2000 characters in its summary section where you can create an impressive digital image of yourself to land yourself into more interviews and stand you higher on the recruiters’ list. But, keep in mind to keep your LinkedIn summary concise and crispy, so that recruiters don’t get bored while reviewing your application. 


  1. References And Recommendations

The worst thing that you can do to yourself is not to get yourself enough endorsements and recommendations. While endorsements can be given by anyone in your contacts list, recommendations can only be given by your fellow professionals. You can approach your fellow professionals to write a unique and customized recommendation for you to publish on your LinkedIn profile complementing your resume. 


By now, it must have been clear that you do not need to hire a professional LinkedIn profile writing service agency to write the best content for yourself. With few practices, technical knowledge, and a free online resume builder, you can also spice up the optimization game of your LinkedIn profile and resume.

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