Different Types Of Packaging Designs For Custom Vape Boxes

Vapes are common everywhere. Some people use them as a replacement for cigarettes, while others use them for health purposes. According to the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, vaping is safer than smoking in all respects. Some surveys even say that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. CBD-contained vapes have potential health benefits for users. This makes these vapes one of the most popular CBD products. The growing popularity of vapes created room for innovation in vape packaging. Experts have introduced Custom vape Boxes to fulfill the growing packaging needs of CBD brands.

Custom CBD packaging is an innovative means of packaging with growing demand in the CBD market. This trend is followed by many newcomers and established vape producers. In this blog post, we shall explore different types of packaging designs for vape boxes. 

Custom Printed Vape boxes

The majority of American customers have replaced cigarettes and pipes with vapes. According to health authorities, vapes are safer than cigarettes and other nicotine-based smoking products. Due to the growing popularity of vapes, the demand for Vape Packaging Boxes also increased. Custom-printed vape boxes are widely used by vape and Soap Boxes.

Custom vape boxes can carry interesting visuals and branding. Enticing graphic elements can increase the visual appeal of a vape product. Moreover, relevant artwork can also play a significant role in making product boxes more aesthetically pleasing. Due to these reasons, most CBD brands are nowadays selling their vape items in personalized printed boxes.

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High-quality vape packaging

No matter how amazing your vape product is, if it lacks high-quality custom vape packaging, it’s not worth it. Premium quality material is the first requirement for exciting vape packaging. Vape boxes that are made with premium quality material attract potential customers on the shelves and in online stores. You can add desired color combinations and preferred graphics to such boxes. Good quality packaging material, such as cardboard and kraft, allows you to add desired elements to the packages. You don’t need to worry about color distortions and leakages when you are using high-end packaging material. 

Custom vape boxes with window

This is one of the most popular types of E-Cigarette boxes. These boxes carry a window opening on the upper side, making the inner product visible from the outside. Mostly, vape boxes with windows are used for expensive vape products. These boxes allow customers to see an actual product before purchasing it. 

Custom Vape Boxes with Foiling 

These boxes are designed with foil printing. In foil printing, an aluminum sheet is pressed on the surface. As a result, you can elaborate on and enhance the branding and product details. Customers love these types of CBD boxes. Foil-printed vape packaging boxes give a premium and luxury look to the product, increasing its sales and success prospects.


Nowadays, custom vape boxes have become a new trend in the CBD market. Brands, especially startups, are trying new packaging techniques to inspire their customers. Custom CBD boxes are linked with better sales response and customer satisfaction. Brands that have adopted vape boxes wholesale are making more profits than others. 

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