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Breast augmentation even known as Augmentation mammoplasty is often done to boost the size of breasts. Many women opt for this surgery because of varied reasons. The rebuilding of the breast helps them to stay confident, enjoy sexy looking body and of course, it enhances their beauty. 

Prime reasons for deciding to have this surgery:

  • To have symmetrical breasts – Numerous ladies are troubled with uneven breast size and shape. This kind of surgery helps to correct them. 
  • Adjust the size of the breast after pregnancy or because of massive weight loss. 
  • To improve the size of small breasts. 

Plastic surgeons at the Texas Liposuction specialty clinic suggest their patients take care of themselves fully after the breast augmentation surgery. They provide useful tips to take proper care of health post-surgery that help their patients to return to their normal active life quickly and prevent any medical complications.  

The issues you may have to deal if you do not take proper care of health after the surgery:

  • The shape of the implant is not as desired. 
  • Problems to face because of infection. 
  • Pain in the breast area or chest pain. 
  • You can sense unfavorable changes in the nipple or breast. 
  • The position of the implant changes.
  • High chances of the implant rupturing or leakage. 
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It is natural for you to observe some discomfort like soreness and swelling of breasts for a few weeks. Scars and bruises will be there however in course of time they will vanish. During the healing time, you can wear a sports bra that supports fully your breasts while you are physically active. The most important is to follow the right diet and strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions. 

Here is the guide to taking care of your health post-surgery:

  • In the first few days, it isn’t unusual to feel fatigued and uneasy. It is best to take ample rest by sleeping soundly for long hours. 
  • Taking a shower bath may help you to feel fresh however only you can take it after two days of surgery. You can remove your compression bra while bathing, but wear them immediately after freshening up 
  • At least for a fortnight after the surgery, you shouldn’t return back to your work or do any strenuous physical activities. It will be helpful not to move your arms or chest much. 
  • After three weeks of surgery, you can return to do normal work but cautiously. Still, you should avoid any kind of weight lifting is physical work that involves lifting your arms or chest. 
  • You need to maintain personal hygiene to prevent any kind of infection.  
  • In three months, you will be totally fit to enjoy life just like before with more pleasure as your breast issues have been solved. 

It is quite quality time you have got to spend with your dear ones relaxingly. All need to be done is to enjoy your stay at home by limiting your physical activities and enjoying nutritious food.

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By Siddhi