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Math is not as tough as it seems to be. It’s the explanation method that makes it difficult to grasp the concept. Thus, making math a burden for students. Learning methods depend on your interest in math and eagerness to learn the new image and use these techniques to solve real-life problems. Are you tired of providing help to kids with math homework and hiring tutors for them? It would help if you tried providing them tutors online through the smartphone.

It might be beneficial if you attempted to use the Gauthmath app, which is a free math problem solver and one of the finest math learning applications available. There are numerous tutors available on the app, and you can change tutors with your tickets. One easy way to get tickets is to invite people, and when you join the app through your invite, you’ll get free access.


You may be curious what the Gauthmath application is and how it is capable of. Gauthmath is a completely free math question solution application.It provides the solution to different math problems covering numerous topics such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, word problems, etc. it is one of the best math learning apps available.

You can immediately find an answer to your issue.All you need to do is scan a picture of your problem or question, and the app will provide answers within three minutes. It contains solutions to problems from basic mathematics to complex calculus. Gauthmath is very efficient at problem-solving, especially word problems that another app is not possible. It is due to real tutors who provide immediate help through the question sending system. Students worldwide can ask questions and get answers immediately from expert math teachers.

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You might be thinking, what are the Gauthmath app and the uses of the Gauthmath app? To get solutions to these issues, it is necessary to understand its characteristics. Some essential elements of the Gauthmath app are

Online homework help

This software may assist you with your arithmetic assignments. All you need to do is scan a picture of your question, and you’ll get an answer t it in a few minutes, depending on its complexity.

Step-by-step explanation

You can get a step-by-step solution to your problem using this app. Unlike other apps, you are provided with a detailed explanation to make concepts clear to you instead of just deriving the conclusion.

24/7 availability

No matter where you are and what time it is, you can get solutions to problems from expert tutors available there. It has thousands of tutors available who are willing to help you at any time.

Topics covered

Math is an exciting and vast field. Gauthmath app can help to solve fundamental math problems to complex calculus. The topics covered by the Gauthmath app are

  • Word problems
  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Matrix
  • Logic


You can use the Gauthmath app to get answers to any last-minute questions. It is a great app that works perfectly to help students get their mathematical problems solved in time. Uses of the Gauthmath app include providing help to kids in getting their homework done without seeking help from parents.

Watching videos that provide unclear explanations and don’t give you the right point for your solution is tiring.

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It is a beneficial tool for math students who have last-minute questions. It is one of the platforms that had helped students during the COVID-19 lockdown when it was impossible to find teachers who could provide the timely help. Most of the students started seeking help with math problems through Gauthmath during this challenging time. More and more people may join the Gauthmath community in the post COVID world.

Unlike other problem solvers, the answers provided by real tutors are very accurate and have a detailed explanation. They are easy to follow, and step-by-step solutions can help students quickly clear their concepts, thus developing their interest in mathematics.

Tutors are available on the app 24/7. You can get help from experts at any time and from anywhere.

Gauthmath app is a free education app and a community for students to grow their skills and help them do math quickly. You can invite people to join this community and find help with their problems related to math.


You might be wondering how to send invite to Gauthmath App. The simplest method is to follow the instructions listed below.

  • Go to your profile. By clicking the profile icon located on the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Tap on my tickets
  • Then tap on invite friends
  • You may find the invitation code on your screen tap to copy it
  • Invite your friends by sharing the invitation through WhatsApp, message, telegram, Facebook, etc.

Free tickets

You can get free tickets when someone uses your invitation code to join Gauthmath.

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Then consider sharing your invitation code with friends who have not tried the Gauthmath app before.

You will be given a free ticket when someone uses your invitation code to join it.

You can invite ten users after a weak

After a week you can invite more friends to get more and more tickets

Using different social media platforms commonly used today, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., are great for sharing your invite and earning free tickets.


Gauthmath app is a valuable tool allowing you to learn smartly and get your homework done quickly. Not only does it help kids, but it also satisfies the parents who would have to hire tutors if Gauthmath was not available. Gauthmath is a free education app that aims at making learning accessible, especially in a subject like math.

This app can give you efficient and accurate answers. You can contact the tutors on this app almost anytime, providing a 24/7 service. This app is available in many countries worldwide and became popular during the lockdown due to COVID. This app will attract more and more students, parents, and even teachers in the post COVID era. It is a free iOS and Android software that attempts to increase kids’ interest in mathematics and change learning habits.

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