Many people know that their home is a major investment. In addition to the cost of buying and maintaining a property, homeowners may have to spend money on repairs or updates from time to time. One way to save some cash is by performing minor fixes yourself. From caulking leaks in the bathroom to replacing a faucet, these quick improvements can help you get your house back in shape for less.

We’re going to give you some helpful tricks that will make your home improvement dreams come true with minimal stress and effort from you. From being more energy efficient with simple fixes around the house, to simply making small changes like rearranging your furniture-we’ve got you covered.

Home Improvement Tricks

Put Plants– Put plastic or real plants on top of furniture to hide clutter or spruce up a drab room. Gumdrops mixed with moss makes for an attractive grouping in underused corners, such as by the chair in the living room or stand alone chairs at a party buffet table.

Shoe Organizer A shoe organizer can also be a great addition to your home improvement arsenal. There are plenty of different types of shoe organizers that you can use. Some of them will even help you keep track of your socks or your shoes. By taking advantage of these little home improvement tricks you will be able to make your life a lot easier. Once you start using these simple tips you will never think of organizing your things again.

Size Of Bed- Itreally depends on what you’re specifically looking for and is the personal preference. The size of a person determines how big they need to be, and if people sleep in pairs then they should get a queen or king-size bed. What is important though is that you have enough room to do everything that needs to be done without hitting anything around you by accident or feeling cramped. A good guideline would be about 54 inches wide and 75 inches long per two people sleeping in unison.

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Clear Clogs- Pour 1 quart of boiling water down the drain followed by 2 cups of vinegar. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water before running the hot water again, which should flush out any loosened debris.

Turn Off And Unplug Energy- Saving appliances that are taking up valuable space in your home, such as TVs and other entertainment devices. The power they’re using is not saving you anything when they’re turned off, but it does accelerate their aging.

The refrigerator (and freezer) function to maintain a line of defense against foodborne diseases. An expensive device will last longer if we stop people from eating out of it by covering the shelves with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and storing all perishable foods downstairs in an insulated cooler which needs to be monitored thermosiphonically for optimum performance.

Get Some New Pillows– It can be difficult to sleep on a crappy mattress for years and then buy a new one, but you’d be surprised how much it saves the pain we carry around every day. The same is true with standard pillow sizes. A poor pillow can leave your neck feeling uncomfortable and stressed, giving you back and neck pain. Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that suits your needs is easy–just try different types until you find the perfect type of pillow for you.

Guidelines For Paint– When painting, always make sure the surrounding surfaces are covered before starting and wear a mask during application to avoid inhalation of paint fumes which contain hazardous chemicals that can irritate sensitive tissues in the nose and throat or be toxic if ingested or breathed in too often. Unpainted or dry-rotted surfaces should be repaired promptly since these areas provide a continual source of paint dust that is released into your home environment when you repaint.  Also, take care not to remove door knobs, window sills, window locks from the walls while painting.

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Use Hammer Smartly- Another important home improvement tip that nearly everyone should follow is how to use a hammer to make a nail. One of the most common nails that people use to build something is the regular nail. Unfortunately, these nails often do not last very long. So, if you want to make sure that you are using quality nails then you should make sure that you keep a box of these around. Once you have used up all the nails in one room, you can easily use up the entire box.

Straighten The Things- The next home improvement trick that almost everyone should know is how to straighten something once it is already crooked. Some of the most common items that need straightening are stairs, a ladder, or a step ladder. There are several reasons why this home improvement tip is important. The first reason being that crooked items take up more space than straight ones. This little home improvement trick can help you clear up unwanted clutter in any room of your house.

Insulate Windows With Plastic- Sheet insulation panels for windows. These insulfoam windows can seal gaps found around window frames and sills, may cut down noise pollution by up to 50% if the double-paned glass is not an available or less expensive option, most kits come with a caulking gun and a full-sized extension cord for easy installation


For a home improvement project, there’s no such thing as too many tips. The more you know going in the better your finished product will be and save you time and money along the way. After reading this post, we hope that our readers feel empowered to tackle their next DIY job with confidence knowing they have all of these tricks up their sleeve.

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Check out the above home improvement tricks that will help you save time and money. It’s never too late to learn a few handy skills. Consider this your go-to guide for all things DIY around the house.

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