Whatever belongs to us is our responsibility to take proper care of. Failure to do that simply amounts to irresponsibility, especially if they are things that are supposed to be dear to us.

Your dog definitely qualifies as dear and this is why you go out of your way to take care of it. However, despite the care given to it, it can still be susceptible to certain health challenges that can bring great discomfort to it. One of such challenges is hair loss.

What Is Dog Hair Loss?

It has to be noted that dogs do shed their hair and that is usually not a problem. What becomes a problem however, is when the shedding of hair becomes obvious with the appearance of bald spots on its skin. When this occurs, it means that your pet has the health condition known as alopecia. You can read more about it here.

What Causes This Condition?

There are various reasons why this skin condition might occur in your dog. Some of those reasons include:


As earlier stated, some species of dogs naturally shed their hair during the course of the year and it is no problem and you might not even notice it as there wouldn’t be bald spots. However, there are those that genetically are more prone to baldness than the others, examples include; Chihuahuas, dachshunds and greyhounds. Having said this, it is important to check in once in a while with your veterinary doctor just to rule out other possibilities.

Cushing’s Disease

Another cause of hair loss in dogs is the Cushing’s disease also known as hyperadrenocorticism which is a health condition caused by the overproduction of the cortisol hormone. This health condition occurs more in dogs that are over 6 years’ old and can also be detected through other signs like a pot belly, drinking and eating too much, panting more etc. When these signs occur take your pet to the clinic to be checked by a vet.

Allergic Reactions

Just like humans, dogs do have allergies too, and one way it shows is by the reaction on their skin which is hair loss. The task in such cases is to find out the things that it is allergic to. These can include certain environment, foods or to parasites. However, in most cases, the allergic reactions are due to flea bites and as they bite, lick or scratch the irritated areas, hair loss occurs.


Another reason why hair loss might occur in your pet is due to infections or in some cases, infestations. There are a lot of factors that can lead up to this and they include; mange mites from pests, fungus and ringworm infections and so on. Ultimately, these infections cause the loss of hair and bald spots in your pet. You can read more on this at https://www.petmd.com/

Home Remedies for Dog Hair Loss

It has to be said that there really is no cure for this health condition rather, what happens is that its progress can be halted or slowed down. Obviously, when some of these symptoms are noticed in your pet, the first thing that you should do is to bring it to a veterinary doctor for a professional diagnosis. The vet will also recommend treatments for the dog

However, there are some home remedies that can be adopted in helping dogs with this condition. Some of these home remedies include:

A More Natural Diet

Just like in humans, the nutrition of your pet is very crucial. The nutrition that a good diet offers them is their first line of defense against any disease or health challenge. This places a primary responsibility on you to take proper care as it concerns their nutrition. You can also consult a vet to help you craft out a healthy eating plan for them.

Lemon Juice Helps

Due to the citric acid content in it, the lemon juice itself (not the fruit) has anti-bacterial properties. For this reason, you can squeeze out the juice from the lemon and pour it in a quart of warm water, leave it for five hours and then rub it on the bald spots on its skin. Note that it is only at the early stage of the visibility of the baldness as a result of bacteria that you should try this.


Another remedy that you can use to fight this condition is CBD oil. Its health benefits in all mammals are quite numerous and today, veterinarians recommend it for dogs with allergic reactions that make them resort to scratching, biting and ultimately, excessive hair loss. This is because, they are able to interact well with their endocannabinoid system

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Allergies

Beyond having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties because of its acetic acid content, it is equally able to boost the immune system. To use it, mix it equally with water and apply to the affected places. Ultimately, it is on you to find out more about the various remedies for dog hair loss for effective handling of your pet’s health condition.


Though we can try our best to ensure that our furry friend is healthy, they might still develop health challenges. there are many reasons why this might happen despite our best efforts.

However, what we can do is ensure that whatever the problem may be, it is handled well and early enough.

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