Embossing and debossing is a unique and creative technique that can revamp the entire look of your packaging with some minor details. These techniques are relatively new in the market hence do a wonderful job in grabbing the audience’s attention. Making it your brand identity will benefit you as the public will be impressed with such a wise choice of custom packaging.


Embossing vs. debossing

Embossing refers to the process of a portion of paper inclined to be highlighted. This is done by designing a dye, which is a metal plate, with the raised pattern or graphic that you want on the paper. This die is then pressed onto the paper from behind and helps create an elevated graphic on the paper. The elevated graphic is called an embossed graphic.

Debossing refers to the opposite of embossing. It requires similar equipment, a dye with elevated graphics or writing. However here the dye is pressed on the paper from the top and the graphics or writing is carved inside the paper.


Highlights important parts

Embossing and debossing is a unique and creative way to inform your audience about yourself. It can be used to highlight specific parts of the packaging such as logo, name, or any other important information. As we all know that product is first determined by its packaging. Packaging is used to attract customers but also to inform them.

Many brands right important information on the cartons which the brand is offering or which the customers must know before purchasing. Sometimes this information can be overlooked which might cause some problems in the future. Embossing and debossing help make the target area of the packaging more visible.

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Moreover, you can add colors on the elevated embedded area of embossed or debossed graphics to make it furthermore visible and highlight. Colors will help make the specific area popped out which can be viewed by the customers from a distance.


Distinguish from competitors

Embossing and debossing has been revolving the market for a while now and is common but it is not mainstream hence is still unique. This technique has proved to attract customers and highlight brands in the market.

This technique changes the entire look of the packaging and gives it a new creative and appealing look. This technique will help you differentiate your product from your competitors and gain more public attention. It is a great strategy in the struggle to succeed through the competition of this saturated market.

Packaging plays a vital role in marketing strategies and will help enhance the reputation of the brand in the market. As the brand will be seen to use a new feature in their packaging which will provide the expression that the brand is well aware and living in the modern world.


Why should you choose to emboss and debossing?

This technique is ideal for high important parts of the paper or carton. Embossing and debossing both are equally beneficial and preferred by the clients. Moreover, these two can be combined on a single paper to increase the impact. The embossing and debossing process require a bit of attention and training however, it is not an expensive process. The dies can be manufactured easily and with multiple graphics which can be embossed or debossed on the papers.

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Although soft cotton paper is preferred for this procedure however it is good to go on any sort of paper. Embossed and debossed patterns last for a longer period and do not come off easily. They are durable and best fit for cartons that need to be transported as they are pressure-resistant, depending on the resistance of paper they are embossed on. Most businesses prefer cardboard as it is strong, tensile, and durable and gives a good finish of embossed and debossed elements. Hence it is flexible, durable as well as affordable.


New brand identity

Having embossed and debossed graphics and elements on the packaging will help attract the audience and competitors. Therefore the brand will then be recognized by this feature. Customers will know that your brand uses embossing and debossing and will be attracted to it. The embossed or debossed element will be associated with your packaging and will become something that belongs to you. This in turn will make it your brand identity and people will expect your packaging to have embossed or debossed features from now on.

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