OTT platforms and online streaming is in trend for the past few years. Entertainment is an unavoidable requirement of everyone. There are many sources of entertainment available. Cinemas, television has been there for a quite long now. But today as technologies have developed so the entertainment industry has also undergone many developments. Out of those all developments, online streaming of movies and OTT platform are notable ones.

How do OTT and streaming come up?

As the internet technologies and applications came in sources of streaming like youtube also developed. But earlier, this was not accessible by all. But as the technologies developed and Androids came that paved the way for OTT and Online streaming. Websites like 123movies, youtube became accessible for all.

Not only websites but in recent years OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime came in. This brought a revolutionary change in the entertainment industry. People want something new and this quest was satisfied by OTT platforms.

What kind of entertainment OTT gives?

Every genre of entertainment one can name is given by OTT and streaming websites. Crime, thriller, suspense, comedy, horror, romance, action, etc. are just a few of them. There is a variety of entertainment options available to choose from. One can never get off it.

OTT platforms like Hotstar target Indian-based audiences. But websites like 123movies or OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime target global audiences. So the genres also vary a lot. But the options available on OTT platforms that target audiences worldwide are more. They break the boundaries of countries and allow you to see entertainment from any country.

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The major and the notable difference between the OTT platforms and Streaming websites is that streaming websites are free of cost in most cases while talking the OTT platforms they give a free trial period may be of 30 to 45 days but after that, you require to have a paid subscription of the OTT platform.

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What is the difference between OTT and Streaming websites?

Streaming websites like 123 movies give the same entertainment that is given by OTT platforms. Same shows and movies are available on them. But it is the choice of an individual whether to opt for paid entertainment or go for a free one. The other difference in both is that on OTT you can watch shows and movies without downloading but on most of the streaming websites you need to first download the content and then you may watch it. Talking about the visual and audio quality both are good but OTT platforms have it better than the streaming websites.

For which age group is OTT best?

The answer to this is that OTT entertainment is good for every age group. The reason behind this is that OTT platforms have got in them the entertainment sections which suits almost all types of age groups.

They have got animated videos, cartoons, and fantasy genres for the kids. For the youth, they have got all the possible genres and for the elderly also they have got spiritual and folk entertainment.

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So it is quite clear that OTT and streaming websites can be used by anyone. It does not matter to what age group you belong to because whatever might be your age and your preference OTT and streaming websites have got all of them.

Why OTT platforms are paid platforms?

OTT platforms generally stream that entertainment which they buy from the producers of the particular series or movie. To do this they need to pay the producers. That is why OTT platforms are a paid mode of entertainment.

But this paid entertainment does not affect your budget because even cinemas and television modes of entertainment are paid. Moreover, on a long-term basis, the cost of a movie ticket for two people is the same as the rates of a paid subscription to OTT platforms. Rather OTT platforms are a more economical method of entertainment because the movie ticket can give entertainment once and only for a few hours but a paid subscription will give you entertainment 365 days at any time.

So if the discussion is about the global emergence of OTT platforms and streaming websites like 123 movies then it is seen that they are doing well globally and have a bright future ahead. The culture of binge-watching and streaming is going to be well established in the coming years. Moreover paid entertainment on OTT platforms is a better and considerable option than any other paid form of entertainment. The wide variety and the quality of entertainment the OTT platforms and online streaming websites give from the comfort of the home is with the money they charge for. If you are still in a dilemma about whether to go for OTT and streaming form of entertainment or not then you must once try it.

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