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Instagram is just not only a normal app known for sharing your life’s happenings. But it also provides you with the useful feature “communication” wherein you can easily chat with your friends as well as your clients without any hesitation.

Furthermore, Instagram has become one of the most useful social media platforms these days. Social media advantages and disadvantages, both exist here. So make sure use Instagram’s social media account for the safe purposes.

If you’re running a business and posting your business’s content on your Instagram you will get several messages. So, if you are interested in answering those messages then, the problem is already solved. But what about when there are old messages that you are not interested in answering? And what will you do if you want to get rid of those messages that have nothing to do with your business?

The answer to this is very easy yet some people are confused about it. Therefore, here on this blog, we will provide you with information regarding How to delete all messages on Instagram.

How To Delete All Messages On Instagram From Both Sides?

To delete the messages there are simple steps that you need to follow, first of all, you need to hold your message and then, tap on “unsend” with this the message from both sides will be deleted. In normal words, the person and you will not be able to see the message anymore. Steps to take:

  • Open your Instagram app on your device
  • Go to the lightning bolt icon, which is there on the top of the right corner.
  • Open any chat of your want wherein you want to delete a particular message.
  • Hold down the message that you may have sent and there will be an “unsend” option appearing to you. Afterward, tap on that “unsend” option. By following these simple steps the message will be deleted forever from both sides.
  • (note – the unsend option only works if you want to delete your message. However, if you are looking forward to being deleting the other person’s messages you will not be able to do so).
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By following this basic step you are able to delete Instagram messages from both sides. But there is drawback too. Sometimes unknown person messages and delete it after sometimes. In that case you are unable to maintain record of their message.

The only thing you can do, is to take a screenshot. Those can be hackers. As Hackers always keep an on Instagram or other social media profile users to steal their personal data. So once in a month use code to check if phone is hacked or not. And if it found hacked, the follow the unhacked steps.
For now

How To Delete All  Messages On Instagram At Once On iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and get annoying messages from different users. Besides, want to keep updating your DM chatbox. Then, this guide that we have bought for you will give you the proper information to delete all messages on Instagram at once. The steps you need to follow while deleting messages all at once on iPhone with less time are:

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Lead straight to the lighting bolt (chatbox)
  • The chatbox will appear, thereafter choose which conversation you wish to delete.
  • To delete the entire conversation, swipe left and you will get the delete option.
  • By following these steps, the entire conversation from your side will be deleted.
  • (Moreover, if you wish to delete the entire conversation from the person’s side as well you cannot do so. But if that particular person wants to delete the entire chat with you from their side he/she can only do that)
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How To Delete Instagram Messages All At Once On Android?

There is only a thin line between deleting the Instagram messages all at once on iPhone and Android. Furthermore, if you get messages that have nothing to do with your business daily. then, in less time you can easily customize your chatbox. However, some people find it hard to do so. That’s why the steps you have to follow are:

(In case of Private and Business Account)

  1. Go straight to your Instagram app and open it
  2. Click to the lightning bolt that comes on the top of the right corner
  3. The chatbox will come, you have to select the conversation which you wish to delete.
  4. Tap on that conversation and hold on to that conversation for some seconds
  5. Thereafter, the delete option will appear
  6. Click “yes” on that option.

You have to select the conversation one by one to delete the entire message. By doing all these steps, your entire chat with that person will be deleted from your side.

(apart from this, as stated earlier if you want to delete your messages from their side you will not be able to do so cause that thing can be done from their side only)

Faqs – How To Delete All Messages On Instagram

We believe that with our guide on how to delete all messages on Instagram your all doubts must have been cleared. However, if you have some doubts regarding the topic we have given the best possible answers.

Is The Deleting Option Available On Every Device?

Yes, the deleting option of all the Instagram messages is available on all the devices, for instance, iPhone and Android.

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How Do You Delete All The Messages On Instagram 2022?

To delete all the messages on Instagram, you just have to head towards the message box. Thereafter, choose the conversation which you wish to delete tap, and hold on to that conversation the delete option will appear for (Android users) OR swipe left (for iPhone users)

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the entire topic on how to delete all messages on Instagram. The simple steps we have mentioned in our guide by following the exact steps you will get to know on how to delete all messages all at once without any worry. However, the Third-party apps if you get one of them, they take proper access to your Instagram account. Therefore, it is our recommendation to choose one that you trust entirely with your data as well.

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