Draw A Wave

How to Draw A Wave. The yellow sand, brilliant blue sky, and perhaps a few palm trees all contribute to that wonderful holiday feeling, but of all these elements, there is one that does the most to bring this feeling to life: the sea waves!

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It’s wonderful to feel the ocean gently in the breeze and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks.

It’s also fun to dive and surf the waves, but how about drawing? If you thought drawing a wave would be difficult, you’ve come to the right place to Draw A Wave..

How to Draw A Wave

Step 1

As with all new drawing challenges, you were learning to draw a cloud becomes easier when you split it into smaller, more effortless steps.

With that in mind, let’s start with this step. The first line we draw is a curly, curvy line like in the reference image. It will end up with a curved line that we will build on later to Draw A Wave..

Step 2

As you continue your wave design, let’s add another line below the one we just created.

This line extends under the last curved line on the right that you drew in the first step and curves outward. With this line added, we can move on to step 3 to Draw A Wave.!

Step 3

We’ve made it slow and easy how to draw a wave so far in this guide, so for this step, let’s start adding more drastic curved lines.

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First, draw a more jagged but slightly curved line connecting to the left side of the wave, as you can see in the picture.

Then you can add a much curvier stripe below the rightmost line of your wave. You can also vary these lines to add your unique twist to your wave design to Draw A Wave.!

Step 4

Your wave design will look more and more like a real wave, as you add! In this next step, we’ll add a combination of slightly straighter and curved lines to your wave.

These lines build on your drawn lines, extending the left and right waves.

The reference image gives you an idea of the placement of these lines, but again, don’t be afraid to modify it a bit to make it your own to Draw A Wave.!

Step 5

Before we get into coloring in the last step, in this step, we will continue to build some details with more lines.

Her wavy design already looks great, but a few more details add volume.

Instead of connecting these new elements to the Strips already drawn, these details are made up of smaller curved lines that don’t connect below the main lines of the wave drawing. With these details, you have successfully learned how to draw a wave!

Step 6

Your wave design already looks great at this point! The only thing that could make it look even better would be to add some pretty colors!

You could immediately think of a bright blue for these sea waves, and while that would be great, there are a few variations you could also go with.

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The ocean can appear a little grey, light blue, or even greener, depending on the weather and water conditions.

You may have variations in how you color the sky above.

Yellow or orange could make for a beautiful sunrise scene, while you could have dark blue with a bright moon for a gorgeous night scene.

Step 7

You can even draw and color some fun extra details for your drawing. For example, you could make a dolphin or mermaid jump out of the waves!

As for the coloring in this drawing, I would use watercolors, as they blend beautifully with the water scenes.

However, this is just one of many artistic mediums you could use to complete this design, and I know whatever you choose will look amazing!

Your options include mediums such as acrylic paints, watercolors we mentioned, crayons, pencils, crayons, and any other art tools you have handy.

Your Wave Drawing is Finished!