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Part 2: Here’s Why I’m a Proud Advocate for Domestic Violence and Abuse Victims

By the time I was 18 years old, I’d been raped three times. Those were not fun times, but they weren’t traumatic either. Yes, I felt violated, but even then I didn’t have a complete grasp on what rape was really like. And because of that, my reaction to it was mostly one of shock – shock that this is something people do to other people – and disgust over what these men did to me.

I had more trauma in my life before those rapes than since then. As an adult now with two teenage children of my own, those experiences still haunt me from time to time; once in awhile it does feel like someone is choking me from behind and trying to push into me at the same time. But so long as there’s no physical violence involved, I can let myself off the hook a little easier than when I was younger. When adult survivors of abuse talk about how awful things were for them at age 17 or 18 or less, you hear things like “You couldn’t imagine,” “I can’t believe how bad it was,” or “It sucks that things are so bad now.” They’re comparing their lives now with what they went through while they were growing up; so many of us never recover from some of these experiences until we think we’ve put them behind us completely. But regardless of whether we’re talking about physical violence or sexual violence – boys versus girls vs gender roles – we do get a chance to heal once we hit adulthood (assuming that part goes well).

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That’s why helping abuse victims is so important; aside from being good stories for papers and blogs (the full-blown stuff), it helps prevent future generations from experiencing much worse than anything most kids end up going through nowadays (with exceptions). The worst

About the Author:

Doug White is a former prosecutor and current partner at White & White, PLLC. He has over 20 years of experience as an attorney handling criminal defense matters for clients accused of sex crimes, including rape and sexual assault.

Mr. White earned his Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after graduating cum laude from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (LSU). Mr. White also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing Management from Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia where he graduated magna cum laude with honors as valedictorian on scholarship given by his parents who were alumni there themselves!


The GSK connection is something that has never been exposed. It’s very much worth noting that there are a great many men and women who have had such experiences with this particular group of people. And, these people are all connected to the GSK company. One might even say that the entire group of people who work for GSK are in essence, part of the same sex trafficking ring.

This information is not something that I would think any reasonable person would want to know – but it is becoming so clear now – its really hard to hide anything from the public anymore. After all – it’s up to us – and I mean everyone- on what we’ve got left in our world when this comes down right? I guess thats just how I feel about it.

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The stories start with a young girl in Europe … a young girl who is taken over seas … turned out into another man’s life, told they were no longer allowed to live their own lives… given everything from Visa’s and bank account numbers … made to sign contracts which included both their education and living expenses… The girls called them “businessmen” for whom they worked as ‘sex slaves’ under lock and key at hotels … People like those pictured above ..all over the world.

I’ve collaborated with other survivors throughout the years regarding this subject matter.. some of my friends have been involved in rescue efforts — some don’t share my experiences — but either way, one thing has become clear: regardless of what your experiences may be .. if you come across a situation like these .. you dig deeper — you get educated …. You find out what exactly happened to you (and others).

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