Looking for a new rental apartment means browsing the internet and searching for units that meet all your requirements. Indeed, there are the basics, like a kitchen setup, a full bathroom, and room to sleep in. But, your search should not be restricted to the bare necessities. You must also think about the apartment amenities!


From resort-style pools to round-the-clock doorman service, several amenities are designed to make your renting experience simpler and more enjoyable. Apartment amenities are any distinctive or nonessential feature or service provided to renters. You can think about anything beyond the essentials of a functional apartment unit to be an amenity.


For instance, while 1 BHK flats for rent in Gurgaon must have a kitchen setup, a stocked kitchen with stainless steel appliances will be considered an amenity. That is since low-tier appliances will perform a similar function. Property managers and landlords make the last decisions regarding which amenities to include. So, discuss which amenities the building and unit offer before signing a rental agreement.

Can renters get apartment amenities free of cost?

Typically, if you rent 1 RK flat in Pune, you get amenities free of cost. However, that means you are not paying a separate fee for them. Amenities are often included in the cost of your rent. Frequently, apartment complexes with amenities can charge a higher rent price because of the apartment amenities they provide. Higher rent prices offset the maintenance cost for amenities.

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Landlords usually use amenities to entice tenants and keep renters happy. Apartment buildings often compete to offer more amenities than other buildings close by. Be sure to research the market of any neighbourhoods you are interested in. That way, you can ensure that the costs are within your budget. If you need assistance in determining how much you can afford, try a rent calculator.

Community Amenities

Community amenities are shared amenities that landlords provide to all residents of the building or property. They are usually exclusive to residents of the building. But some buildings partner with nearby businesses, like gyms, to provide complimentary memberships. Following are some community amenities to look out for in your apartment search.

  1. Recreational Areas
  • Barbecue Areas
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga/Cardio Rooms 
  • Gym/Fitness Centers
  • Playground
  • Community Clubhouse
  • Rooftop Lounge Areas
  • Media Rooms
  • Community Garden
  • Common Areas
  1. Pet Amenities
  • Pet Washing Stations
  • Pet-friendly Units
  • Dog Parks
  1. Transportation and Parking Amenities
  • Safe Garage
  • Covered Parking Spaces, Allocated Parking Spaces 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Access to Public Transportation
  • Bike Storage
  • Guest Parking
  1. Other Community Amenities
  • Gated Community
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Package Lockers
  • Community Events/Classes
  • Security Guards/Doormen
  • Online Rent Payments
  • Extra Storage Space
  • Online Maintenance Requests

Amenities to look for in 1 BHK flats for rent in Gurgaon

Deciding which apartment amenities to look for during your apartment search is entirely up to you. Finding an apartment with all of these amenities is possible. However, it will obviously limit your options and cost more. While searching for an apartment, there are some amenities you must be on the search for. They will make your life more enjoyable and easier and even help you make savings.

  • Parking facilities
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For tenants who own cars, parking is a very important facility. While looking for rent 1 RK flats in Pune, your main priority should be that the house must have a covered parking facility in the building, as many housing societies in Pune do not allow the tenants to park their cars within the campus. 


  • Gymnasium, play areas, and swimming pool for kids

Fitness has become extremely important, and young people are commonly searching for housing societies that offer these amenities.

Earlier, people were queries only about the size of the flat and configuration, but now, people ask about the clubhouse in the building and parks where their children can play. As the house is usually leased for some years, they want to have all these facilities. On the other hand, a single person would prefer a more active lifestyle, and thus, a fully functional gym would be essential. A married couple with kids would also like amenities and sports options for their children in a gated community, subject to the amount of rent that they can pay.

  • Security

A safe neighborhood is a very important feature that people think about while renting a property. People think about security features like fences, alarms, CCTV cameras, deadbolt locks, and security guards while looking for a property. Even functional street lights in the area are an essential problem, in today’s age, with several families having both parents working and children staying at home alone.

Other factors that tenants consider before finalizing on 1 BHK flats for rent in Gurgaon

  • Condition of pipes (water, gas, etc.) and leakage.
  • Good condition of the house and storage space.
  • Working condition of shower heads, sink faucets, and other plumbing and fixtures.
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Adequate water supply in the building is another concern for tenants. An adequate supply of water is really important for any household. Hence, you should search for houses with overhead tanks or facilities for additional storage of water.

Though apartment amenities are considered unnecessary, there is no denying that they make your life easier and more enjoyable. Whether it is a short elevator trip to the gym or folding your washed laundry from your couch, several apartment amenities are worth the extra cost.


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