Non Stop Balloons: Shooter for Kids and Adults will captivate you the first moment you touch it. It is extremely attractive, colourful and fun. Naturally, its biggest fans are children, but adults will also find it very entertaining.
This charming offline game lets you shoot at will at the colourful balloons on the screen. Want to up the ante? Then destroy every last one of them and you’ll move on to the next, even more exciting, level. But, watch out! You need to sharpen your senses because the difficulty increases and that’s where the intrigue lies. The coloured balloons are getting faster and faster and their family is multiplying!
Fresh, dynamic, dramatic even, the game Non Stop Balloons: Shooter for Kids and Adults will charm any child. And that’s just one side of things. Because shooting balloons is not just fun, it’s learning.

What qualities does Non Stop Balloons: Shooter for Kids and Adults?

First of all, you can’t get distracted while a colourful horde of balloons parade across the screen and you’re about to lose the battle. To do well, you need to be able to concentrate. No distractions! Shoot them all and quickly move on to the next level where you can once again prove that you are the best.

Speed of reaction
You can’t succeed in the game if you don’t improve your reaction speed. And it all happens naturally, without tension and without tedium.

It’s no coincidence that game methods are the basis of all advanced training. Everything happens with ease while the child is having fun. In this sense, Non Stop Balloons: Shooter for Kids and Adults is one of the best solutions that enables children to improve their reaction speed day by day.

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Logical thinking
In order to shoot all the balloons, you also need to think logically. If you do everything indiscriminately, it will just be a matter of luck. To be a real player, it is important to act logically. In that sense, every hour spent shooting at balloons is priceless.

Improving self-confidence
The game has different levels of difficulty and by overcoming them one by one, the child will gain confidence in his own abilities and hence his self-esteem will improve significantly. Everyone wants to succeed and feel proud of themselves. Give this opportunity to your child and you will be amazed how quickly he will adapt to the game. It keeps the best score, which is a huge incentive to improve your own record.

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