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Willing to embark on a deep-sea adventure? Is scuba diving one such adventure? If so, scuba Diving in Andama will introduce you to a whole modern paradigm of experiences. Investigate the enigmatic ocean floors, their colourful residents, complex corals, as well as exotic submerged trees and plants. Gliding freely beneath the jewel liquid is an encounter unlike any other, in our opinion.


Andaman is a scuba swimmer’s paradise, attracting visitors from all over the world. The answer to what makes Andaman ideal for diving enthusiasts is its spectacular islands. Andaman offers amazing scuba diving possibilities due to its silver shores, exciting sea waves, colourful coral reefs, and wonderful marine animals. We everyone understand that Andaman is ideal for both weekends away as well as family vacations. But the scuba activities merely add to the excitement!


Havelock Islands

What’s the point of talking regarding scuba in Andaman without mentioning the Havelock Islands? How on earth is this even possible?! Havelock Islands is a scuba diver’s paradise. Are you curious as to why? Because these beautiful islands are home to many popular (as well as some unexplored) diving spots. Your scuba experience here will be unforgettable, whether you’re a specialist or a beginner.

Aquarium – This is a must-see for any scuba diver.Deep sea diving enthusiast! With its dependable soft current flow, tough coral reefs, and vibrant fish,

Mac Point is among the top ten scuba diving destinations in the world. Mac Point offers a most fondly remembered diving experience in Andaman. How? While the hard corals and breathtaking beauty of this location are enough to draw visitors, Mac Point seems to have something special to offer. It is one of the few places in the world where one can see Dugongs, a Sirenian tentacled mammal. This mammal is found primarily in Australia as well as eastern Africa. Andaman provides an overview of Australia and Africa. So why not?

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Lighthouse – This well-known dive site is one of the best in Andaman. What makes the Lighthouse so unique? Exotic night diving among a wide range of soft and hard corals. Please keep in mind that night diver is really only available to PADI/SS certified divers.


Neil Island

The breathtaking Neil Island must be included on any list of the top scuba sites in Andaman. This island’s unutilized corals, rich biodiversity, and, of course, unparalleled laid-back charm make it a popular diving destination. The beauty and quietude white sandy beaches would then start taking over your senses as soon as you arrive. It is ideal for an unforgettable underwater adventure due to the medium flowing water and safe depth. Neil Island’s Rocky’s, Margarita, Intersections, and Busy Burro are vying for the award for the best scuba diving in Andaman.


North Bay Island

This same list of scuba in Andaman would be incomplete without mentioning the stunning North Bay Island. This coastline exudes a certain vibe which will satisfy your heart with both peace and thrill. Isn’t it fascinating? The island has a beautiful landscape, enchanting coral reefs, and sparkling waters. There’s a reason it’s so popular between many travel enthusiasts. North Bay Island scuba diving wants to introduce you to the vibrant world of a sea. North Bay Coastline is the perfect destination for a relaxing family trip or an exciting getaway.


Barren Island 

Don’t base your decision on the name! Barren Island in Andaman is home to natural wonders like few others. First and foremost, Barren Island is Southern Asia’s only confirmed active volcano. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? You will be astounded at what can be found on and around this island! Untouched waters with a diverse marine life! Explore coral gardens, significant basalt structures, silver garden fishes, and giant manta rays while scuba diving on this island. If that wasn’t enough, the water is also home to dogtooth tuna and fish/

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Port Blair


How can we overlook Port Blair, the seat of government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Port Blair has everything you need to refresh your soul, including daring diving, appealing coral reefs, and beautiful scenery. Despite the numerous diving spots inside the town, the Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor stands out. This vibrant national park offers abundant marine life, including over 50 various types of coral reefs and sea flowers. Butterflyfish, Whitetip Sharks, and Clownfish will welcome visitor to their heaven.