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You want to boost your brand image and sales, don’t you? (Who wouldn’t). This post gives you some nuggets of advice on how to do just that.

It is not uncommon for items under transit to be packaged in plain brown boxes. Although these boxes are uninteresting, it is understandable that the items need added protection lest they are damaged before getting to the consumer. However, you can make the packaging a bit interesting with some branding.

Follow these tips to ensure your brand attracts more attention.

Add inexpensive fillers like custom tissue

Want to add glamour to the unboxing experience? Customized tissue paper packaging is the way to go. Tissue paper is an inexpensive but powerful marketing strategy that exudes class and fosters customer loyalty.

To make the experience even more unique, you can inscribe a personalized note and make your customer feel special and valued. This brings magic to the moment of interacting with your product, and mark my words, they will never forget this moment.

Customize your shipping boxes

Not many things are as thrilling as having the long-awaited Amazon delivery with its unmistakable ‘grinning’ A-Z emblem comes at your doorstep. Have you ever wondered how you might acquire such great service for your items?

Customizing shipping boxes is one of the things that might help you achieve your goals. You can give your product an identifiable look with anything from simple colored patterns on brown cardboard boxes to luxury printing throughout the entire box. And the best part- you can fully personalize the design online and get an instant quote- you don’t have to wait.

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There are several sites online where you can find your perfect branded box by shape and feature specialist design such as wine boxes, die-cut boxes, etc.

Try to utilize monthly subscription boxes

Monthly subscription boxes have become a powerful marketing tool that companies are using to woo customers. Once a customer signs up for the monthly delivery, they have the item brought to their doorstep for a small fee.

If you are wondering how to design your monthly mailer boxes creatively, a packaging company will sort you out at an affordable fee. Top fold boxes with dividers are a typical “subscription box” option, and the inside dividers may be modified based on your product.

Check out custom printed packing tape

Talk about product security, packaging, and branding, all in one basket. Custom printed packing tape is a cost-efficient way to squeeze some branding.

You don’t have to use the traditional clear or brown tape to secure your items for shipping. Add some color by printing your company logo and colors and make your presence felt by merely looking at the package.

Invest in custom shipping bags

Want to add a touch of class to your deliveries? Check out the sophisticated designs from professional designers. Deliver your products in style with everything from simple item pouches to classic gourmet bags.

Get professional services to make better choices

Some suppliers may not have adequate standard shipping supplies. Your product may have an odd shape that needs more than standard customization.

You may also want additional control over the quality process to guarantee that your item has a long shelf life and does not show evidence of manipulation. You may wish to engage a packaging engineer for more complicated challenges like these.

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These experts do more than simply advise you on how to pack your belongings. They also give guidance on quality control, RFID tagging, reusability, tamper-evident barriers, etc.

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