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How about being able to visit more than 48 volcanoes in the same region? Or start practicing sailing, a traditional and super exciting sport? Have you ever thought about visiting some wineries full of good wines and tasting some special glasses? Well, studying in Auckland, New Zealand, means being able to count on all that and more!

The city, which is the largest in the country, is also perfect for shopping. And, definitely, spending a season in Auckland is always having something to do: no matter the day of the week or the time of year, life there is hectic and the cultural program is rich in options. In other words, studying English may just be the gateway for you to be interested in other courses.

Want to find out if Auckland is the right study destination for you? Check it out below and be amazed!


Yea! Why not get to know a city through its gastronomic culture? If this is one of the highlights of a trip for you, you can be sure that Auckland offers exactly a varied menu of unique flavors. For starters, the region has gained a strong heritage of British cuisine, which guarantees an incredible mix of sweet and savory flavors.

It is also good to know that over time the city has created its own traditions and today it already enchants with a very typical menu, mainly filled with options with seafood. But do you know what is, in fact, the main meal of New Zealanders? The breakfast! With lots of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, cereal, smoked salmon and many other foods.

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Continuing with the local cuisine, be sure to taste the Maori cuisine, known as the first inhabitants of New Zealand. What cannot be missing in a typical dish are sea urchins, sweet potatoes, salads in general, lamb and lots of wine. Write down some options not to forget: hangi Maori, roast hogget and pavlova pie.

Curiosities to delight anyone

Studying in Auckland is, without a doubt, carrying out extensive research on the place of destination and, at the same time, being rich in culture in general. If the chosen city has an interesting history, even better, right? Auckland gets more points in that regard, you know?

Check it out: in the Maori language the city is called “Tamaki-Makau-Rau”, which means “the maiden with a hundred suitors”, and do you know why? Because in the past Auckland was highly coveted among different tribes residing in and around the region. Today, for example, it continues to be very attractive, being among the best in the world to live.

This is what the list made by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2016 showed, which placed Auckland as the 8th best city in the world to live, work, live and so on. Nice, isn’t it? And, as said at the beginning of this post, there are 48 volcanoes scattered around there, all inactive, which gives the possibility for visits to be made at any time!

Tours for all tastes

That’s another point that needs to be said about Auckland: the rides! There are so many cool and interesting options that you can easily create a schedule full of things to do throughout your stay. Not to mention that you will probably want to visit again and become a fan of certain leisure options.

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For example, put the Coast to Coast Walkway on the list, perfect for a good walk or run, depending on you, and which will show you the city like no one else. There are 16 kilometers of pure nature and, at the same time, an incredible incentive for you to practice sports and exercise a little, taking care of your health in this city full of life.

However, it is also worth including in your list other paradisiacal trails that Auckland has in store. Including, extreme sports and beaches are part of unmissable tours in the city and that will appear at the top of the best things to do there.

Now, if you like to visit museums and learn a little more about the local history, visiting the Auckland Museum and also the Auckland Art Gallery is a good option, since in these places it is possible to know a little about the history of the Maori and , besides everything, there are always good exhibitions happening in both places.

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Learning in every way

If, after all the advantages listed so far, you’ve practically decided to do an exchange program in Auckland, now you’ll be sure that’s where you should go: lots of courses available! Nothing better than learning in every way, after all, preparing for modern life demands a lot from young adults who are always looking for improvement.

Once again, New Zealand stands out in this regard, as, in addition to learning the local language, which is English, it is possible to opt for many other types of courses that Auckland offers. And for that, a good educaton agency can help you map and find what will really make all the difference in your academic or professional curriculum.

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To give you an idea, there are options for English courses for business, for tourism, for taking international proficiency certifications (which gives access to numerous universities in the world), in addition to being able to take a step forward and register for courses books dedicated to anyone who wants to learn a little more about a certain subject.

Given these various reasons to invest in an exchange program in Auckland, did you realize that choosing to leave for New Zealand could be the big difference in your life right now? Remember that traveling to learn a new language or even improve your career is extremely positive and will help you a lot to stand out among other professionals. Not to mention the cultural baggage you will gain!

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