Triund Trek

The Himalayas are home to various adventurous and captivating destinations for trekking and camping. One of them is the Triund trek. 


Triund trek is situated in the Bhagsu Nag in the Kangra district of the spiritual and intriguing place of  Dharamshala. Triund trek is elevated at a height of 2850 meters above sea level. It has a stunning view of the dhauladhar ranges and Kangra valley which makes it the most picturesque spot. 


This trek is trouble-free and offers a peaceful Trekking and camping expedition. This trek will give you the best memories of your life. 


Best time to do the Triund trek


Triund is a destination that provides intriguing aesthetics throughout the year. During the summers, Triund is at its most beautiful and the climate is most delightful. If you want a chilly, snowy environment, the winter is a sluggish time to visit. Rainfall in this destination is sturdy during the monsoon season during June & July. During the rainy season, trekking should be avoided in Triund. Camping sums up the chaos of the Triund Trek. Every morning, you’re welcomed by a spectacular sunrise, and every evening, you’re feasted to a breathtaking sunset. Stars replenish the night sky at night that creates a breathtaking view. 


Reasons to do this trek 


The spectacular view 


Triund offers the most beautiful exterior and the view will mesmerize your heart and soul. The triund valley offers a marvelous view of the Dhauladhar cliff and Kangra valley, so the endeavor is always well worth it.

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Some of the allures in the area comprise the Bhagsu Falls, Bhagsunath Temple, Namgyal Stupa, and the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. Take some time out to visit them; they will only enhance your experience further.


These places will provide the most magnificent memories to take from this wonderful land. 


The moderate level of the trek 


The Triune trek is neither difficult nor easy, it is considered to be a moderate-level trek. This trek can be taken by amateurs if they are physically fit and want to experience some adventure and beauty of nature. There is a vertical climb at the end of the trail, but the route is short hence it doesn’t give rise to any significant Challenge. 


This trek is best for beginners who want to learn something about trekking before going for some difficult trek they can gain experience from the triune trek. 


Visit the cafes of the land 


Also, Mcleod Ganj has an incredible cafe culture; select from the fancies of Rest assured While Caf, Himalaya Tea shop, Magic View Cafe, Shiva Cafe, and Best View Cafes to nurture yourself with promising food and drinks.


The cafes represent and symbolize the particular culture of the place, which will even enhance understanding about the region and the experience will make you spell spellbound to even venture into the bounty of nature. 


Triund trek provides a stunning view of Klang valley and Shivalik hills while walking amidst bountiful and plentiful nature lined with lush trees, this trek will bring you pure pleasure and satisfaction.

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This wonderful trekking journey commences at Bhagsu Nag from where the trekkers get the opportunity to witness the popular Bhagsu waterfall and Shiva cafe, mixed deodar, oak, and fir forests, and rhododendron forests. The trekking passes by the panoramic views consisting of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley, Shivalik hills, Kangra valley, and Punjab plains, and much more stunning scenery. 


A cliff runs along the periphery of Triund, and from one side, one can see the whole Kangra Valley, while from the other side, the Dhauladhar Mountain Range can be glimpsed. Then the trekkers take a halt and camp there overnight. Have scrumptious food around the campfire and relish the inexplicable experience. The Trekkers can even witness the dark sky adorned with millions of stars and enjoy stargazing in the clear sky of Triund. 


On the second day, the trekkers will be greeted with a captivating and soothing sunrise view from there the trekkers reach Leta village and then take a downhill trek to Bhagsunath from Mcleodganj.  


This trekking destination is full of wonders and there you can witness the unnerving beauty of nature. 




The marvels of nature are glimpsed while trekking and nothing can be more calming than nature. This exhibition is what everybody dreams of and the climate is so pleasing too. One must skimp on some time from their hectic schedule to discover oneself and learn something new about the undiscovered regions of our country. Make voyage a part of life. The real beauty fibs in nature that you must notice and you will fall in love with it.

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