Vascular disease

What is a vascular disease:


A vascular disease is one which impacts your blood circulatory system. This encompasses many diseases which include diseases of your arteries, veins and lymph vessels as well as blood disorders that can impact your blood circulation.


Within vascular diseases, there exist several different types. These include:


  1. Peripheral artery disease: peripheral arteries are placed outside of your heart and they may develop fat and cholesterol deposits over time which eventually begins to narrow the artery as a result. This reduces the blood flow within your body and your body’s tissues. Many different types of peripheral artery diseases exist such as intestinal Ischemic syndrome, Buerger’s disease and Raynaud’s Phenomenon.
  2. Venous disease: veins are hollow tubes that are flexible in nature which have flaps inside. These flaps are called valves. When your muscles are contracting, the values open and allow the blood to move through your veins and when the muscles relax then the valves close and allow the blood to continue flowing in one direction through your veins. If these valves present in your veins become damaged then they will not close completely. As a result, the blood will not flow in one direction. His will result in your veins getting swelled causing them to bulge within your skin. Symptoms of this include heaviness, throbbing, itchiness as well as swelling.
  3. Blood clots: a clot occurs when clotting factors present in your blood can make it become solid. A blood clot can form and travel through your bloodstream which can even result in a heart attack or a stroke.
  4. Lymphedema: the lymphatic system has a large system of lymph nodes and lymph vessels which keep the immune system of your body in line to protect it against any foreign bodies that may enter as a means of harm to it. There are two types of issues that might occur. One is primary lymphedema which is rare but some people are born without some lymph nodes or have some form of abnormalities in them. The second is secondary lymphedema which occurs because of an interruption that occurs resulting in an alteration of the lymphatic system. This can occur due to infection, surgery, any type of scar tissue, radiation and trauma.
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Who does this disease impact?


Some individuals are born with vascular disease because it is inherited through their parents. For this reason, they may struggle with it from a younger age. However, it is not just limited to this cause as vascular disease can also occur later in life if fats begin to accumulate within your body.


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