Nowadays, almost all the work is done online or through the internet, have you ever thought about how the applications you use are made and what they are called in computer language, so let us tell you whatever application you want. Or we use it is made with the help of software, now this question must have come in your mind that what is this software and how is it made and how does it work and today we will tell you that how to make software.

Software is a set of data instruction or programs that are designed to perform a specific task on a computer and hardware that describes the physical aspects of a computer, on the contrary, software is a general term used to publish an application script and program is done to

In today’s article, we’ll show you what is the software  and how to make software go and what to keep these things in mind will tell about all these as well as explain the language how learned to read until I have this article You will get answers to all questions.

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What is software?

Software is a structure that instructs a computer to perform a specific task, a set of instructions also known as programs Software that run on a computer is in the form of binary code 0, 1 but in the form of binary. It is impossible to write software in I, so many engineers have created any programming language like C , C++ , Java and Python etc. But sometimes 2 or more languages ​​are used to make a particular software.

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How to develop the software

definition of software

If you understand the definition of software in simple language, then neither you can touch the software nor you can see it, without software your computer is a waste material which has no meaning because software is a non-living thing and it has no physical existence. It doesn’t even happen, it is simply understood because it is a grateful thing.

Who invented software?

Software  was invented by Ada Lovelace.

How is software made?

Any program can be written or using any language which is understandable by any person who has knowledge of programming language, any simple program can be written by a developer in a reasonable time though Hundreds of developers can be involved in professional software, do you know that a large software is divided into hundreds or thousands of files, software developers work hard on their software, but there is always some problem with the code and we Problems are called Bugs .

Software kaise banaye

Even after a part of the software is released to the public, the software developer has to continue to fix the bugs so that he can make the software better. This is the reason that updates or new versions keep coming in the software from time to time.

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In how many ways can software be made

Software can be created in two different ways.

  1. Proprietary
  2. Open Source

  1 . Proprietary

Software owned by a person or company is made to sell, its source is not released publicly, only the software is released.

Software kaise banaye

2 . Open Source

Open source is called those which are free, anyone can do their source, the owner of open source software gets money through donation.

what are the types of software

  1. Application Software
  2. System Software

1. What is Application Software

Software that is useful to the user such as MS Word, Firefox etc. Application software is that which uses the computer system for a specific task or provides entertainment beyond the basic operation of the computer, now because in the modern age computer A lot of work has been added to the work, so now many different types of applications are being made.

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2 . What is System Software

System software that works on a computer or system such as OS, Drive, Firmware, etc. System software is that which manages the hardware of the computer, system software is also designed to provide a platform for the application system to run. This is done like Operating System, Device Driver Utilities etc.

How to make software?

The software can be made as following which we will learn one by one

Find Your Interest

We have just told you that there are 2 types of software development, one is application software and the other is system software, so first you have to decide whether you want to make C type software or what kind of software you are interested in making.

Learn a Programing Language

The idea to do something new or to make something new can come in anyone’s mind, but only a developer can give original form to those ideas, even if you want to work only on software design, then you have to learn coding. And you have to be able to create a basic prototype. There are many programming languages ​​out there, from which you can learn any, some of it is necessary.

1 . C  Language

It is one of the old languages ​​still in use and is the basis of most languages. The C language program is used to do low level programs.

2 . C++ Language

This is the Object Oriented version of C language and it is the most popular programming language in the world Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop and many big software are made by learning C++, it is also a very popular language for making video games. C++ is still the developer’s. There is a lot of demand

3 . Java

It is an evolved form of C++ and is used because of its ease of portability, it is used in video games and business software and many people consider it an essential language.

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4 . C#

C# is a Windows based language that is a part of a .NET Framework from Microsoft. It is related to Java and C++. If you learn Java, you can easily learn C#.

5 . Objective-C

This C language is another cousin specially designed for Apple System. This language is more popular for i-pad and i-phone apps. It is a great language to learn as a freelancer.

6 . Python

It is an easy language to learn. Python is most commonly used for web development.

Find Resources

In most books stores, a whole section is full of programming books, apart from this, you will also find many books on e-commerce websites like Amazon. You should have well-written programming books so that you can help them while making software. Apart from books, you can also take and learn Coding well, you will also find many such platforms on the Internet from where you can take help like

Code Academy  


Khan Academy



W3 Schools 


Find and learn guides of your choice on websites like

Work On Pet Projects

Before you use your new programming skills to land a job or launch software in the real world, do some projects for yourself and challenge yourself to solve problems using your programming language. Not only will it develop your skills but it will strengthen your resume as if you are interested in making video games, then work on games that can be done without graphics or complex machines, instead of focusing on making them fun and unique. A collection of small made up games that will look good in your portapolio.

How to make the software

What are the things to be considered while making software?

1 . Quality & Reliability

Whenever you make new software, pay special attention to the quality of the software, especially for commercial and system software, if there is a problem with the software, then it can delete the work of a person or cross the computer and can also tamper a lot. Errors are called bugs, which are discovered during Alfa and Beeta testing. Many bugs are discovered and removed through software testing, although software testing rarely found the end of bugs, some programmers say. It is that every program has at least one bug. Software testing can be done by Unit testing, Regression Testing and many other methods which are done manually as the number of code to be tested is very large.


In today’s article, we have learned that what is the software and how to make it known, if you like this information, then definitely tell by commenting below and also share with your social media platform.

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