The rapid development and wide application of LED in the LED display industry have gradually replaced the development trend of LCD displays, and LED displays have become dominant in the display industry. What is the difference between an LCD spliced ​​screen and an LED display? What’s better mini optoelectronic editor to do here a detailed explanation of the difference between the LCD splicing screen and the led at the end. What are the functions and main applications of LCD spliced ​​screens and LED displays? Is the difference between LCD and LED that much?

What is an LCD screen? What is an LCD spliced ​​screen?

Liquid crystal display is an abbreviation of LCD, which mainly includes TFT, USB, TFD, STN, and other types of LCD displays. He could not find the entry point of the program in the dynamic link library.

LCD spliced ​​screen is the splicing method of the LCD display device, but now the light source of the LCD spliced ​​screen uses LED backlight through splicing control software system to achieve the large screen splicing display effect of the LCD spliced ​​screen body. So now we have an LCD splicing screen and a led splicing screen. Now the common LCD splicing screen is a 3.5mm55 inch ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing screen, a 3.5mm46 inch ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing screen, 4.9 LCD splicing screen mm47 inch, 3.8mm49 inch LCD splicing screen, and 42 LED backlight. – Inch narrow edge LCD spliced ​​screen large screen display system.

What kind of work do you do? What is an LED Display?

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LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED applications can be divided into two categories. One is the LED display. Second LED single tube applications, including LED backlight, infrared LED, etc. Now, when it comes to transparent led display technology, China’s design and production technology level is basically keeping pace with the international level. LED display screen is a display device consisting of an LED array, 5000 computer configuration list. It adopts a low voltage scanning reader and has the features of low power consumption, long lifespan, low price, high brightness, some defects, wide viewing angle, long viewing distance, etc.

The function of LCD splicing screen:

1. High brightness

LCD spliced ​​screens have higher brightness compared to TVs and LCD PCs. The brightness of the LCD screen of TV or PC is usually only 250-300 CD/m2, but the brightness of the LCD spliced ​​screen can reach more than 500-700 CD/m2.

2. High Contrast

The LCD splice screen has a contrast ratio of 4500:1, up to 10000:1, more than 2 times higher than traditional LCD screens on PC or TV and 3 times higher than normal rear projection.

Issues to be aware of when installing outdoor LED screens

Outdoor installation of LED screens is different from indoor installation. The conditions are strict. There are specific requirements and handling methods for LED displays’ components, installation methods, and environments.

  • The LED display screen is installed outdoors, and sunlight and rain, wind, and dust protection cover are frequent, and the working environment is not good. If electronic equipment gets wet or severely affected by moisture, it may cause a short circuit or fire, cause a breakdown or fire, and cause loss.
  • The LED display screens can be damaged by strong electricity and strong magnetism which is caused by lightning.
  • The ambient temperature fluctuates a lot. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work normally or the display system may not work properly due to burns.
  • Requires large audience, long viewing distance, and wide field of view. Ambient light changes significantly, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. In accordance with the above special requirements, outdoor LED displays must:
  • Install lightning protection devices on LED screens and buildings. The main body and display screen shell must be well-grounded, and the grounding resistance must be less than 3 ohms so that a large current from lightning can be discharged at the time.
  •  Reduce the temperature by installing a ventilation device so that the temperature inside the screen is -10~40℃. Axial fans are installed above the back of the screen to dissipate heat.
  • The display stand is a new wide viewing tube with wide viewing angles, pure colors, consistent adjustment, and a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. The most popular outer packaging for display racks is a square cylinder with a protective edge, sealed with silica gel without metal treatment. The appearance is sophisticated, beautiful, strong, and durable with the characteristics of direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature, and short circuit.
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