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Always wished to roll down a new hill in a giant inflatable ball? Well, now’s your unique chance because, at HEAD OUT go zorbing, you and your young children can have an action-packed venture.

There is something for everyone with a choice of 3 one of a kind zorbing rides on offer. You could find by yourself strapped inside the giant baseball opposite your family, or in the event you’ve got water children, why not try the aqua zorbing ride? This exceptional knowledge will make you fall mind over heels for zorbing!

Is zorbing the same as sphereing?

Yes. Some people call that sphereing, some call it zorbing, but it’s even so!

What is the difference between water and harness zorbing?

You are attached, facing one another inside the ball for harness zorbing, each of you sporting a harness. When you go waters zorbing (also known as water or hydro), water is added, so you slosh all around as you roll, and you just aren’t attached.

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What is body zorbing?

When you go body zorbing, you actually ‘wear’ a plastic field that covers you from your brain to your knees. Inside there are a harness and hand supports. The balls are available at the top and the bottom to help you breathe still (conveniently! ) and run. Once you’ve become your body zorb on, it is time to take part in some silliness, with group games like bubble football, last one particular standing, and bulldog. Just as the playground games of your junior, but with you inside a ball.

Where was zorbing created?

Zorbing comes from the home of maximum sports – New Zealand (where else! ). Zorbing was started by Donald and Andrew Akers in 1994, who came up with the concept of the adrenaline experience in a very inflatable ball on the slopes of Rotorua resort. Today it has truly taken off and possesses been rolled out (‘scuse the particular pun) to thrill-seekers around the globe.

How does water zorbing perform?

When you go water zorbing, around 60 liters of h2o will be thrown into the ball with you. You won’t be fastened with a harness while occurring to be in there, so when the zorb starts rolling, you’ll slosh around inside the sphere. You will be getting properly-getting drenched. If you don’t fancy it, try harness zorbing, where you are fastened inside the water-free ball?

The length of the zorb ball?

My inflatable zorbing balls are usually approximately 10ft (or just over 3m for metric modernists! ) diameter. They’re cleverly created, so they are rigid in addition to strong and won’t break open but give you cushioning after you bounce. They’re also transparent-ish, so you know what is going on outside.

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How long will my very own run last?

The length of your zorbing run will depend on the size of time the track is. These kinds are often between 150 along 250m long, and you may purchase one or two rolls, depending on the zorbing voucher you buy.

How rapid will I be going?

We live told zorbs can attain speeds of up to 30mph. Nevertheless, this pretty extreme would require a fairly large slope and a hefty leave off the start line! On this zorbing experience, you’ll be planning fast enough, that’s definitely.

How do I get inside the ball?

This is a good point. One needs to be physically fit to obtain inside the zorb, as it requires a sort of dive to get into the actual ball through the small starting. If you’re in any doubt, call us before you buy to see if zorbing is perfect for you.

Where will I become rolling in the sphere?

Zorbing happens outdoors. Typical zorbing runs are on slopes, so the ball rolls, picking up pace as it goes, with a constant bank at the end, to slow you back down and stop. Numerous venues have constructed purpose-built zorb tracks, complete with obstacles, viewing areas for visitors, and even nifty ways of obtaining the ball back up to the top from the slope again for the next zorbs!

What stops me from receding from it?

Once you’re within the zorb, the small opening anyone used to get in is enclosed up for the duration of typically the roll, so neither anyone nor the water (if you aren’t aqua sphering) can get out and about.

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Can I go zorbing alone, or do I need a partner?

You may ride solo on a normal water zorbing experience, but typically the harness version, there will be two people inside the ball. When you book as an individual, you can be paired with someone on the day. Almost all of our vouchers are for just two people to go zorbing jointly.

Is the water cold?

Sure, it might well be! About 60l of the stuff will be inside the ball with you. Whether it’s summertime, it’s going to be cold drinking water, and if you’re lucky, you can find warm water in the harder few months, but don’t count on it!

Things I need to wear for zorbing?

Wear something you don’t think gets wet for hydro zorbing, and make sure you bring a change of clothes. Many people wear shorts and a tee-shirt, jersey. We recommend wearing something which protects your shoulders about harness sphering, as the control goes over your shoulders. Additionally, make sure all jewelry is crooked before you roll.

Can I proceed with zorbing when pregnant?

Zorbing isn’t suitable for those who think they might be pregnant.

What are the weight or height limitations for zorbing?

Yes. Almost all zorb operators ask which harness zorbers weigh at most 100kg each, and the maximum range is 4’5″ for you to 6’5″. The total weight intended for water zorbing should not go beyond 200kg (remember, you can get solo or with a spouse for this version of zorbing only).

Can I still zorb in the rain?

Yes. Bad weather won’t stop play until it gets torrential, plus the operations team deems the idea unsafe to carry on.

What does zorbing feel like?

Water zorbing seems like being inside a very large Hotpoint washing machine. In contrast, the sensations involving harness sphereing are quite varied because you’re attached, one on one with your zorb partner. From the bit like being a hamster inside one of those balls, however, you’ll be doing roly-polys about all axes.

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