everest base camp trek


 Everest Base Camp Trek is world notorious and popular touring route in the Himalayas of Nepal, Trekking at the base Camp of the world’s loftiestMt. Everest at,357 m/,500 ft high, Exploring Sherpa traditional townlets amended with Buddhist culture and custom. 

 Trek To Everest Base camp gives the awful experience of Tibetan culture in high elevation, pleasantly various views of rhododendron fir timbers and massive of outstanding Himalayas views including the world’s loftiest peak Mt Everest. 

 Stylish Time 

 Arguably, the stylish time to travel the majestic Everest base camp Trek is the afterlife season of September to November. The journey of Everest base camp from late September to November has numerous gratuities. 


 Some of the major highlights of the journey include the spectacular view of the mountains, moderate touring temperatures, and unstopped views of the mountains. There might be some cases of inimical conditions which is relatively common. The rainfall around the Everest Base Camp is relatively changeable in comparison. 


 The quantum of rush is relatively lower in lower elevations and snowfall is less as you move higher along the trail. You should always check for rainfall conditions before you start the journey and prepare consequently. 


 In addition, the brief window from March to May is a superb opportunity to go across the Everest region.. The Everest region has an excellent climate and rainfall, and The comfortable temperatures make trekking a wonderful experience.

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 Lukla Flight and Weather 

 Lukla rests impeccably on a hilltop girdled by mountains on all three sides. There are no direct highways to reach Lukla from Kathmandu, only flight options. Plus, its field is known as the world’s most thrilling one due to the shortrunway.And There are substantially 3 airlines are having regular breakouts to Lukla from Kathmandu. 


 presently, breakouts are the only direct transportation available from Kathmandu to Lukla. So, the rainfall has a significant impact on its flight schedule. During dramatic climatic conditions, the chances of flight detention and cancellation are high. 


 hysterical of flight cancellation? solicitude not, you can take copters from Kathmandu to Lukla/ or return Kathmandu. The copter cost would be$ 350-$ 500 per person for one way flight. 


 Note If the rainfall is worst and no visibility, copters also might not make breakouts. 


 So, the breakouts are only listed in the mornings because the rainfall is apparent in the mountains at that time. A headwind sluggishly builds up by autumn, making it insolvable to fly and navigate the wharf. 


  During thunderstorm, the rain shadows come into play with showers and wind, while in downtime, the fog impacts the flight creating high chances of flight cancellations and detainments. 


 Traveling during bad rainfall conditions is the worst script possible, so always read the rainfall cast or trip during peak seasons. 


 Weight restrictions Flying to Lukla, the weight limit is 15 kg per person, You can carry maximum 10Kg of luggage and maximum 5 kg of hand-carry.However, it will bring youUS$ 1 for redundant Kilograms, If you want take further than weight limit. 

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 EBC Trek Altitude Sickness 

 generally, Hike to Everest takes you above 5000m elevation. So, altitude- related sickness is the most common problem you face during this trip. 

 utmost trippers

 suppose AMS occurs when you travel above 3500 m, and this trip begins from 2800 m altitude. 


 Headache, puking, nausea, dizziness, briefness of breath are some of the usual signs of altitude- relatedsickness.However, inform your companion and follow their instructions, If you start to descry any of the symptoms. 

  When suffering from AMS, don’t continue the journey; rather, stay in the same destination or head to lower areas. 

  touring to Everest Base Camp isn’t an easy trip, but with some tips, you can make it a bit easier 

 Don’t consume alcohol or bank cigarettes 

 Avoid eating flesh in this journey as they aren’t fresh and aseptic. 

 Keep yourself doused by drinking 3 to 4 liters of water each day. 


 Without touring permits, you can’t complete your Everest Base Camp Trek trip. So, for this trip, you’re needed to carry two permits Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit and Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit. 


 Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit costs NRP 2000;$ 20( for all callers). Likewise, Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit costs NRP 3000;$ 30( for outsider) and NRP 1500;$ 15( for SAARC). 

  Everest Base camp Trek Diary 

 Day 1 

 appearance in Kathmandu(,396m.) 

 Day 2 

 Fly to Lukla and journey to Phakding(,640m., 3- hour) 

 Day 3 

 Trekking to Namche Bazaar(,440m., 6- hour journey) 

 Day 4 

 Excrution Day at Namche Bazaar. 

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 Day 5 

 Trek to Tengboche(,800m., 5- hour journey) 

 Day 6 

 Trekking to Dingboche(,410m., 5- hour journey) 

 Day 7 

 Acclimation Day in Dingboche. 

 Day 8 

 Trekking to Lobuche(,920m., 5- hour journey). 

 Day 9 

 Day 10 

 Hike to Kalapathar(,545m.) & back to Pheriche(,240m. 5- hour journey). 

 Day 11 

 Trek Back to Namche Bazzar(,450m., 6- hour journey). 

 Day 12 

 Trek Back to Lukla(,840m., 6- hour journey). 

 Day 13 

 Flight back to Kathmandu 

 Day 14 

 Free day 

 Day 15 

 Departure from Nepal